Abstract artist 5E Background

As per this background your a weird and also a zany person those who thinks out of the box. However you’ve spent so much of time abstractly painting, sculpting or else any other form of an art. You’re known for all of your weird sense of the fashion and also the positive attitude. You’re more good in the talking your way out of the tight spots. You are mostly like the nature and you’re possibly a vegetarian because of it.

Feature: Creativity

You’ve the knack for the sake of finding some of the creative solutions for the sake of the different problems that others can not solve. You’re usually know how to hack your way via things without actually fighting/solving them.

Spell List

You know these spells:

Spell Level   Spells

Cantrip         druidcraft

1st                   faerie fire

Suggested Characteristics

You are known for your weird personality and creative flair.

Personality Trait

d6Personality Trait
1 You hate to fight and prefer to talk your way out of battle
2 You're always honest; wether it is polite or not
3 You don't try to be funny but you're hilarios
4 You often doodle random stuff out of boredom
5 People call you a wierdo but you're proud to be one
6 You show your support in the wierdest way possible




1 The easy way isn't enough for you
2 You're so honest it gets you in trouble
3 You don't like making plans; or following them
4 You believe in things no one else does

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