Abductor 5E Background

You have been spent so many years for abducting the people for pay or even for personal reasons. But whenever the security becomes so much strict for your tastes you go to a different city and then start from scratch there. Al though, your ‘profession’ has been made you comfortable with some ideas of violence, murder and breaking the law whenever it favours you.

Skill Proficiencies: You’re the proficient in stealth and deception skills.

Tool Proficiencies: You are proficient with the Forgery kit or Thieve’s tools.

Languages: You gain no additional languages from this background.

Equipment: You start with a Forgery kit  or set of Thieve’s tools  and 15Gp from previous jobs.

Feature: Choking grapple

Here you have an advantage on the grapple checks. Suppose, if a target needs to a breathe that it can’t to speak. However if a target needs to breathe and it is grappled for more than 20 turns (2 minutes out of combat).

Suggested Characteristics

You are used to violence murder and breaking the law.

Personality Trait

d3Personality Trait
1You no longer feel sympathy for others who are weaker than you.
2Your survival comes first, you will never put yourself at risk for the sake of anyone else.
3Anyone can be bought, and you're the one who delivers them.


1Money is the one thing that matters. It defines who you should befriend or betray.
2Peace. That's what you've always worked towards despite the way you decided to do it.
3Loyalty. Your allies are all that matters and you wouldn't betray them for anyone else.


1Someone in my past has died paying a debt of mine. I will avenge them.
2I owe someone a large amount of money. If i don't pay them soon i will be hunted down along with my allies.
3Someone from my past is being held captive. The work i do is in order to rescue them.


1It doesn't take much to bribe me.
2I enjoy watching people die and I am unable to hide it.

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