D&D 5E Abandoned Background

Being a d&d 5e abndoned background none of anyone would have someone with them their whole life. Even though if there was a crowd of potential relationships are waiting to be happen, however they would be tend to not want to be forge the relationship, in that case not to be abandoned again.

Al though all these individuals would intentionally tended to be shy away from the very large crowds, such as acting like an observer of the sorts (such as an outsider observing the in crowd, etc.). Actually, a person those who has been abandoned also have an unique glance as they interpret the events more drastically from any other party members.

In such way think for the moment. Those who were abandoned you? Are you holding a grudge against them, Or are you willing to forgive them? of course for how long it has been too. These are the questions that you would like to ask yourself, and also the answer in the shoes of your character.

However, you could have been abandoned by the ragtag group of the adventurers, after you would be discussed that you wanted to leave a group behind! Or probably, you were been abandoned by your family, left to starve in the alleyways of the run down village.

  • Skill Proficiencies: You are proficient in your choice between the following skills: Deception, Persuasion or Intimidation. After all, you’ve seen and adapted to the hostility of some travelers in the world.
  • Tool Proficiencies: One Artisans Tool of choice.
  • Languages: If you do not have common, gain Common. One extra language of your choice.
  • Equipment: You start with Dark Common Clothes, A few (1d4x2) Pieces of Gold. if your DM will allow it, ONE magical item with Uncommon rarity or lower.

Feature: Sorrowful

As a D&D 5E Abandoned Background you have this sorrowful feature being have this feature you would like to prefer the term “Realist”, but of course you’re always in the despaired state only, by wondering if this new group would be abandon you simply like the others.

You would tend to be sulk and also blend in along with your party members and also by the crowds, simply by making you hard to the notice. You can gain the expertise in stealth.

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Alternate Feature: Hopeful

As a abandoned homebrew background you are a full of hope and energized one! You are aware of you will find a home, or else even some of the useful friends! Maybe even by this group of the adventurers which were let you to join them! Of course you tend to be enthusiastic and also stand out from your party members and from the crowds too, making you easier to notice. It will lead you to gain expertise in Performance.

Suggested Characteristics

The below mentioned characteristics are simple but they are fleshed out which can help you to build the bridge for your Abandoned!

Personality Traits (Sorrowful)
D6Personality Traits (Sorrowful)
1I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life anymore…
2People always tell me to look on the bright side..what one, though?
3I worry that even if I help complete some sort of magical quest, I’ll be forgotten.
4I don’t even like to help...I just do it for a second chance.
Personality Traits (Hopeful)
d4Personality Traits (Hopeful)
1Everybody deserves a second chance!
2I'll never give up on the people I care about!
3Everything is gonna turn out a-O.K!
4Come on there's always a bright side!
1Chaos. I'm just here to cause chaos! no wrong, no right! (Chaotic)
2Self-Improvement. I must go on a journey of self-improvement, or else, what's the point of this all? (Neutral)
3Guidance. I feel that I've broken something, and must been guided by some type of kind deity or system! (Lawful)
4Vengeance. I will find the one that has abandoned me first, and I will have revenge. (Evil)
5The World. The World needs to hear the story of someone like me, someone who's broken boundaries of life. (Any)
6Friendship. I'll go from being abandoned, to having made wondrous friends. (Good)
1The inn owner that took me in was quite kind...I owe them thanks, still.
2A small group of adventurers guided me to this place...I should thank them if I see them again.
3Whenever I see someone in a similar situation as me, I simply must help them.
4Seeing even little animals get along makes me smile, I can't stand to see one hurt.
5Sometimes I think there's someone out there for me, and that makes all the worries go away.
6Thinking of the people I can call my friends...that makes me smile.
1I get paranoid and anxious easily.
2If it's to protect my new friends... I will never stand down; no matter how strong the foe.
3I think of myself as some sort of "Tough Guy", having gone through what I have.
4I get angry at the little things in life...It's kind of stupid.
5I get kind of frantic from small ticks.
6The little things are sometimes the scariest to me.

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