A Recent Creation 5E Background

Like a being who have come into existence recently, you do not have many skills for showing off, at first. However a recent creation is a blank slate capable of quickly picking up whichever skills they choose.

Skill Proficiencies: .

Tool Proficiencies: You know no additional tool proficiencies.

Languages: You know no additional languages except that you had upon your creation.

Equipment: You have no additional proficiency in any weapons, although some of the rules of tool proficiency follow here for any weapon mastery checks.

Feature: Fast Learner

Like you are the creature which has been had no time for the hone their skills, of course you are quicker in order to pick up on new ones than the most. Whenever you would attempt to learn a skill or else gain the mastery on a weapon, gain an advantage on the associated skill check. However, a development of a skill is at  DM’s discretion at the end of the day.

Suggested Characteristics

However all of these characters are an empty shell upon a creation, and even they are very impressionable. But whatever happen around their first moments of a creation would affect them greatly for the rest of their life. Any way, they are still have a free will of their own and they are capable of finding their own path at the end of the day.

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