(A Party maniac) 5E Background

As per this (A Party maniac) 5E Homebrew Background you’re the party maniac that before you have become an adventurer, of course you were so much stupid and even funny which you were the life of an every party, but except a day that you realized there was some more to the life then going to the parties and even being stupid in JUST ONE town,

So that you can became an adventurer for the travel of the world and even go to a best parties and also you’re tried out in order to find a holy grub or else some of an other insane godlike creature shall be because you think which they throw a best parties in existence.

Skill Proficiencies: As per this proficiency you are able to gain the proficiency in the sleight of hand and also the performance skills, just because of your partying that you have been learned about how to be funny and even cheat on the various games.

Tool Proficiencies: As per this tools proficiency you can simply gain the proficiency within 1 gaming sets of your choice and even 1 instrument of your choice, but whenever you went to the parties you have been picked up the essential tools for every party maniac to know how to use.

Languages: Here you have been learned a stupid language that you shall never use to impress the random idiots at different parties.

Equipment: With this equipment you can gain the 1 gaming set of your choice, 1 instrument which is also depends upon your choice, a dagger, a piece of trash, and a pouch containing 5 gold pieces

Feature: Extreme party goer

As per this feature you can simply make a checks in order to make contacts while the carousing with an advantage, and even you are able to use performance instead of the persuasion to make the carousing checks, even though the choice for the complications increases by 20%.

Suggested Characteristics

Here you can select 2 personality traits, 1 ideal, 1 bond, and 1 flaw. We mentioned all of the personality trait,bond, ideal and also the flaw characteristics. You can check them down below.

Personality Traits
d4Personality Trait
1all the worlds a stage
2i like to travel and explor to find partys
3i feel happiest when im partying
4if the partys good ill be there
1humor: i have to be humorous to promote good in this world (good)
2pranks: hahaha you fell down it was funny(evil)
3food: i only party cause im hungry(any)
4partying: woohoooo PARTY(chaotic)
1partying: partying is the only life for me
1Party animal: when i party im not myself
2Invasive: i don't care that im not on the guest list LET ME IN!!!!!
3crazy: oops sorry that i broke that thing
4Time to party: its always time to party

You are able to gain the different contacts with 5 other extreme partygoers of your choice, you have already met many people within your quest for partys.

1you gain a contact with a random person you met while partying
2you gain a contact with a random person you met while partying
3you gain a contact with a random person you met while partying
4you gain a contact with a random person you met while partying

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