A Part of Essus 5E Background

Essus is what connects all of you, who have been chosen.

You’re awoke one day with out any memories. You’re alone in the wilderness, of course you did not have any recollection of who you were, how you got here, or even what had happened to you before the awakening. You already knew enough to survive, but normally besides that, you’re the blank slate. And since from that day, your memory hasn’t been returned, simply by leaving  you feeling alone and a world is seemingly foreign to you.

As usual, the time passed, you’re uncovered a few things – unexpected skills, preferences in the food and dress, some strengths and also the weaknesses. But it has given you hope were not those little findings. anyhow, it were the flashbacks your started to get one night.

However the Flashbacks of scences, happenings or simply smells or feelings, which you would like to think to be your memories. So, now it is up to you whether you shall try to uncover anything more about your past, or else embrace this unexpected second chance and start your life anew.

Skill Proficiencies: You have so many hidden talents within you and of course you’ve been lived and learned as well. Select one skill proficiency from your past and one from your present.

Tool Proficiencies: Someone that from your past should have a taught you how to use these…you can select one tool proficiency.

Languages: Everything that you know is a strange jumble of present and past. You’re still have managed in order to retain this exotic sounding language, even if you have forgotten its name.

Equipment: You are still carry with you an item from before an awakening a small trinket, probably a necklace, a handkerchief, or else a ring. Of course you’re unable to remember where you got it, but unwilling to let it go.

Feature: Essuran Connection

Whenever it is sleeping, the daydreaming or else simply being lost within your thoughts that there is a chance flashes of random memories enter your mind. So all these memories could be from any creature that are sharing a connection to the Essus whether past or present.

Suggested Characteristics

You already have lost your memories and also the embark on a specific journey in order to find your past or else a new self. In many persons eyes you are the blank slate. But even is that really the case? You already have been selected for a particular reason and even the loss of your memories would not change what you have already been selected for! So now choose who you are!

Personality Trait

d6Personality Trait
1I am slow to trust strangers. How can I, when I find it difficult to trust my own mind?
2I’ve gained a new appreciation for the little things in life. I take nothing for granted.
3I’m very scatterbrained. I’ve forgotten so much already, things just seem to slip away more easily now.
4I carry a heavy heart, as the burden of the life I’ve unwittingly left weighs upon me.
5I have a deep love for exploration. The search for my past has become a wonderful new lifestyle!
6I don’t want to know anything about my past. In fact, I actively avoid learning anything about it.


1Optimism. Even in the worst of circumstances, we must remember all the good that exists. (Good)
2Freedom. No past or present life can keep me from what I want. (Chaotic)
3Revenge. Whoever did this to me, they deserve as much hardship as I have suffered. (Evil)
4Truth. Nothing matters more than the search for what is true. (Neutral)
5Faith. What happens, happens for a reason, and we must simply learn to live with it. (Lawful)
6Relationships. Maintaining strong connections with the people around you is of the utmost importance. (Any)


1I am indebted to the person who first found me in my lost state. I will do anything to repay the kindness.
2I carry a small token from my past. It’s odd how it inspires such fondness in me...
3I can feel deep within my soul a strong connection to someone from my past. I am desperate to find them again.
4This place where I’ve found myself is like home to me. I couldn’t imagine loving any place more.


1I try as hard as I can to numb my mind with drink. I can’t bear to think about everything I’ve lost.
2I get horribly angry whenever anyone brings up my lost memories. I don’t like to be reminded.
3I have the worst memory. Perhaps the thing that caused me to forget is still affecting me...
4I have this bad habit that I don’t remember learning. It must be from my past, which means it will be even harder to break.
5I’ll occasionally awake with no idea where I am or what I’ve been doing. I’m worried that my lost memory is just a small part of some greater curse.
6I often take unnecessary risks. What’s left for me to lose?

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