A Chosen One 5E Background

You’re but a normal and also the ordinary person just of trying to live their life whenever a day the cosmic forces took the greatest interest within you. Maybe as per this a chosen one 5e homebrew background you’re unknowingly a part of the great prophecy or else these forces shall see something within you that you do not.

Probably whatever the case you’ve been thrust onto a cosmic chess board. However these great forces shall try to manipulate you and also your fate to their advantage.

Here whatever their motives are, you are still you. Anyway will you reject any plans which the cosmos has for you, or else will you go along with their machinations? of course surely that offer of power is purely tempting?

No matter whatever the choice you’ve been taken, because it is not safe to stay in your old life all the time. However you may have known about your destiny years just before something has happened, but the sooner or later someone shall send something after you, in order to remove this chess piece from a board.

Usually, staying put shall be lead to a danger for you or else to others. You had to pack up and also leave with your important belongings one day, probably as you’re pushed out of your old life.

Anyhow, whether or not you want this power, then you can not deny it’s existence. But why not to use it and some of your skills from your past life to become an adventurer? mainly you’ll be surrounded by the people those who can deal with the things thrown at you, and of course you could make a quick buck.

Skill Proficiencies: persuasion, one other proficiency related to the work you did in your old life.
Tool Proficiencies: Any one tool proficiency related to your old life.
Languages: Any one less common language, such as infernal or celestial, that you have picked up from your interaction with other planes.
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a dagger, a bedroll, a necklace with a very important and personal item hanging from it, and a belt pouch containing 10gp.

Feature: A Guide and Teacher

Of all the players of a cosmoscopic chess board that you’ve been placed upon, usually one in particular has taken the special interest in you. They may have been one of the who select you in a first place, and even granted you some power, or else they were the one who was discovered the hidden talent within you. Of course whatever the case may be, they would say that they are there to help.

So at the DM’s discretion they would manifest before you. Mainly they could take many forms, like humanoid silhouette, a voice in your head, or a guide on your shoulder. But the only one you can see and also hear them, but they are able to see and hear everything that you can.

They always try to influence all of your decisions to be lead you along the right path, but they are also help you to learn how to use your newfound power. All the time their true intentions are not to be known, but they seem like want to help. They usually have an inherent distrust for anything that appears evil or else is related to their foes.

Suggested Characteristics

By the weight of the world that being forced onto your shoulders, you would struggle in order to find out a place to settle in, as you already know that your destiny shall arrive eventually.

Of course you do find so many big decisions difficult, as you know one day you may unwittingly decide a fate of this realm. But many of all you miss your old home, and also what it was like to be normal, even if you’re grow to accept your new place in this world.

Personality Trait

d8Personality Trait
1I am wary with every decision I make, never knowing if it's the wrong or right one
2I am careful around strangers, you never know if they're a higher being in disguise.
3I do my best to do something different to what my guide tells me to
4Instead of waiting for my destiny, I'm rushing head first towards it.
5I still think of myself as a lowly commoner, despite knowing my higher place in this world.
6I never wanted this to happen to me. I just want to go home.
7I know terrible things which could drive a person mad. Maybe I am mad?
8I try to get my Guides opinion on everything, even if I've already made my decision.


1Duty. I must guarantee the survival of my world, regardless of what fate has planned for me. (Lawful)
2The Right Thing. I will do what I think is the right thing, and not what others tell me to do. (Good)
3Power. I've had my first taste of power, and now I'll do whatever it takes to gain more. (Evil)
4Free will. I don't care what "greater part" I play in this world, I'm going to do what I want. (Chaotic)
5Home. I just want to get this done and over with so I can go home. (Neutral)
6Destiny. I will embrace the destiny set out before me so I can influence it to my betterment. (Any)


1I left someone very dear to me behind when I had to leave to protect them from the things happening to me. If they found out about them I fear what they'll use them for.
2My home town is very important to me. I want them to stay out of my mess of a life, so they don't get hurt.
3I left my family in the dead of night to protect them from the forces that would use them against me. I have seen evidence of their search for me.
4I was too late to leave, and thus my home was destroyed. I left not to fulfill my destiny, but to get revenge.
5There is only one other person who knows my secret. I don't know what they'll do with that information.
6My tools are all that's left of my past life. I carry them around to remind me of where I came from.


1I fear getting close to others, because who knows how evil forces will use them against me.
2I am convinced my destiny is the only thing that matters, and ignore the struggles and strife's of others.
3I can't make any decisions on my own, as I fear what one might be the one that leads to doomsday.
4I will do as much as possible to turn away from my destiny, even if it endangers others.
5I've know the death and destruction a wrong decision by me can cause, as it has already happened once before.
6I don't care what decisions I make, as long as the final outcome leaves me alive.

Variant Feature: The Devil on your shoulder

Despite of the forces of good’s best efforts, it shall seem like though someone else found you first. Basically a constant voice in a back of your mind, which is trying to take a wrong step, and even it fall into the place among their disastrous machinations.

Of course you’re still yourself, but they would serve like a constant reminder of what one misstep could lead to. Of course here a question shall arise Will you strive to cleanse yourself of it’s influence, or will you crack under the pressure? The DM selects how and when they manifest, but only you can hear and/or see them.

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