A Changelings’ Fortune 5E Background

As per this homebrew background you shall be crawled via the rafters of a very lush mansion, hiding in the shadows of a roof in order to avoid being spotted. Here the silent like a mid-flight owl, you shall be pull out a dagger.

You were hear the children playing in a specific room nearby and also you would look down to see a man and even his wife those are sitting by a fire in the silence. Of course the wife then asks with the intrigue “May I see that wonderful ring of your’s?”.

However the husband sighs and even takes off a ring and also passes it over to her. “It’s remarkable,” she says, “the colors and the joy it could bring us and our family!”. But as she is looking it over, you are able to see that this is what you’re came here for the sake of, Ring of Infinince.

Al though the magic purple gem in a center gives a wearer to have as much of anything that they want. She usually hands it back with a sigh and even says, “I’d better go get the kids ready for bed, they shall have a party tomorrow and even they should go to bed early which the way they feel are well rested.” and of course she has been walked out of a room.

You see your choice and you shall be taken it, simply by imitating their wife’s form and also the voice, you. Walk around to an other side of the husband and also say’ “actually, may i show the ring to the kids, I’m sure they’ll love it?” he then looks at you with some intention look of an interest and then says with a smirk, “You just had it and saw it yourself. Do you just want to hold it again?”.

Even though you would try to play along. it’s “Okay, you caught me, it’s just so beautiful!”.  Al though he shall look at you again and then slides the ring off his finger. He would say “Why not show the kids too, it’s their party tomorrow and they do need a gift, ask them what they want.”

Then he smiles, simply by thinking of his children’s joy in the very next day when they shall be getting to see the amazing presents they got. You smile back and then walk out of the room, out the front door, and into the night.

Skill Proficiencies: You are Proficient in Persuasion and Stealth.

Tool Proficiencies: You are better suited for martial and melee combat.

Languages: You can speak common and one extra language of your choice.

Equipment: When nothing has changed, you have a black cowl, dagger sheaths on your lower legs, and a magic mask of steel called the Mask of Cloaking, that when touched to the face of a changeling, its eyes glow purple. If the mask is worn by any other species, it will burn and scar them with the mark of the Traveler (see Eberron Deities).

Feature: Mask of CloakingThis will allow you to hide with muffled sounds and leave almost no trace of yourself behind.

Suggested Characteristics

You are very cunning and intelligent when it comes to working your way out of situations of suspicion.

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