Superior Technique 5E

Hello fighters! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 9th episode of our fighting style series. Today we’re going to be going over superior technique fighting style 5e. This fighting style was added in with the tasha’s cauldron of everything book. In any case let’s dive right into the description of superior technique.


You actually do learn of one maneuver depends on your choice from among those available to the battle master archetype.  In any case if the maneuver you do use need your target to make a saving throw in order to resist the maneuver’s effects. The saving throw dc is equals eight plus your proficiency bonus plus your strength or dexterity modifier and that is your choice.

However you do actually gain a superiority die, which is a D6 (this die is added to any superiority dice that you have from another source). This die is used for the fueling of your maneuvers. Of course a superiority die has been expended whenever you use it. Mainly here you regain your expended superiority dice whenever you finish a short or long rest.

Very interesting stuff! if you don’t know what superiority dies are or rather what the maneuvers are and you’d like to you can check out our battle master maneuver series. In any case there’s quite a few of them and their applications are quite wide and varied ranging from dealing damage to multiple enemies with a single blow or even providing support to your own allies. It’s very interesting stuff. In any case let’s get to my personal thoughts.


Now i mentioned i don’t really like this particular fighting style and i’ll tell you why. This is word for word the description of martial adept which is a feat you can take. Now you can also get this fighting style through a feat and that is of course fighter initiate however fighter initiate has the benefit of being able to switch out fighting styles whereas martial adept doesn’t.

So this background in particular in conjunction with fighter initiative of course. Made martial adept completely worthless and i know there’s a couple instances of tasha’s doing that for example fey touched feat removed one of the racial feats for the elf. That is of course rather upsetting to say the least because it’s kind of one of those things that made them special.

However this was a feat that was available to everyone martial adept and it was one of my favorites as well. I didn’t particularly take it a ton because as i mentioned earlier in the series i’m a spellcaster main and i don’t usually play fighters. I’ve played a couple for one shots but never for very long and never enough to really push the limits of what they were capable of.

I just like the idea of having an expanded crit range and multiple attacks in a turn. It’s fun stuff. In any case if you’re a battle master main you will likely get a little bit more out of this just seeing as you have more combat die however the amount of good combat maneuvers at least good considered by many is relatively few and far between so i don’t know.


Let me know what you guys think and down beneath in the comments section. Be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns as well drop your favorite battle maneuver down there. As always guys i hope you all have a wonderful day and of course happy adventuring.

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