D&D 5E Protection Fighting Style

Hello fighters! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 5th episode of our fighting style series. Today we’re going to be going over one of the more interesting fighting styles at least from my perspective and certainly in terms of what exists in the core rules. We’re going to be going over d&d 5e protection fighting style.

Now this is the perfect fighting style for those of you who want to play a more damaged sponge or even support related role as a fighter. To call us a damage sponge isn’t 100 percent accurate but for the most part it feels the same role. In any case let’s dive right in to protection. It’s description reads as followed.


Whenever a creature that you can see attacks a specific target other than you that is within 5 feet of you, you can even use your own reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll. You must be wielding a shield.

So as i am not really an experienced fighter player or paladin player or any of the other classes that get fighting styles. I do have a question for you guys! So i’ve done my digging online i haven’t found an answer to this and i’m hoping you guys might be able to level in here.

So when i read this what it sounds like is let’s say you and a buddy are walking up to a horde of enemies shoulder to shoulder and then whenever an enemy attacks him you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage and that attack roll. But what i’m a little bit curious about is does the attack have to be within that five feet as well.

You know what i mean, like when i look at this when a creature you can see attacks a target other than you that is within five feet of you comma right! So the target they’re attacking has to be within five feet of you. But it doesn’t say that the creature attacking has to be within that same distance at least not as far as i can tell.

I mean it might be implied that’s the case but assuming it’s not. I think it really opens up what this fighting style can do right! I mean i have been reading a lot about it online and a lot of people aren’t super happy about it. In any case the question i want to post you guys is “Can you use protection against something other than a melee attack? like a ranged attack or even a spell attack.”

I think that’s a fair question right! I might be just completely misreading this but i don’t think that i am. In any case let’s move on to my personal thoughts here.


First let’s address the pitfalls of protection. I’m not trying to harsh it at all but it does have one glaring problem and that is it doesn’t scale like at all and it only applies to one attack roll. So when you’re dealing with something with multi-attack and a lot of creatures later on almost all of them have multi-attack in one form or another it doesn’t do anything.

It also doesn’t anything against saving throw related effects. However in terms of benefits the best way to protect your allies is to just not let them take damage in the first place right! I mean that’s kind of a no-brainer and this is really the only fighting style that lets you well. It’s the only fighting style in the core rules that lets you do it.

Tasha’s cauldron of everything adds in something kind of similar to this and we’ll talk about that in a later article of course. But my question you guys earlier of “does this apply to other attacks as well just not outside of melee?” So if that’s the case and if you can make this applied to spell attacks or ranged attacks. Then i think this stands to be a lot better.

However that’s just my thought! i haven’t played this fighting style at all so i’m kind of, i can only operate based off of what i’ve read and other people’s testimonials so be sure to share your thoughts down beneath.


If you have any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns please feel free to share them down there as well and i’m stuttering like crazy so i’m sorry about that. As always i hope you all have a great day and of course happy adventuring.

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