War Caster DnD 5E Feat

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my dndtopics.com and thank you so much for clicked on the 58th episode of our dnd feats series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the one, the only dnd 5e war caster feat.

This gorgeous feat has found in the players handbook and to be honest this really does just makes multi-class an infinitely easier and really helps on a lot of classes as well. With all that hype being said let me take a look in the description for you.


So there is a prerequisite and that is that you have to be able to cast at least one spell and honestly that makes sense. Cuz literally all of the benefits require spells. The description reads as followed.

Prerequisite: The ability to cast at at least one spell

You can have the practiced casting spells which are in the midst of combat, learning new techniques which has been grant you the below mentioned benefits:

  • You actually have an advantage on the Constitution saving throws which you can make to maintain your concentration on the spell whenever you take the damage.
  • You can do perform the somatic components of the spells even whenever you have the weapons or the shield in either one or both hands.
  • Whenever the hostile creature’s movement provokes an opportunity which attack from you, also you can use your reaction to cast the spell at the creature, but rather than making an opportunity attack. The spell should have the casting time of an action and also must be target only that particular creature.

Oh..man that is a mouthful and a half. Let’s break that down a little bit to make a little bit more sense of it. You may also like to see our telekinetic feat 5e.


First and foremost advantage on constitution saves when maintaining spells. This is absolutely incredible, if you’ve played a wizard to concentrate it on a high level spell you know what it’s like when you get hit by a rogue arrow or someone sneaks up on you or you just can’t move fast enough and you lose that spell for good.

It sucks this is a great way to prevent that from happening and it’s especially useful if you’re planning on actually being in combat yourself.

The second part you can perform the somatic components of spells. Even when you have a weapons shield towards both. Basically you’re carrying the sword shield, this is incredibly useful because believe it or not a lot of spells have somatic components. We found out yesterday actually that our eldritch knight was using the shield spell while holding this wall actually dual wielding.

So needless to say our DM at a bone to pick with him over that, he’s grabbing this feat at the next level we’re going to so it’s kind of bouncing hill in that regard. Please also do check out resilient feat 5e.

But still this makes a lot of builds certainly happen this is especially true for the bard. That is quite commonly a bard, an eldritch knight which are both fairly commonly known multi classes and both also have the need for sword and shield more times than not.

The third part when a creature moves you can cast a spell as an opportunity attack that is fantastic. It might also be worth noting that does not necessarily a spell attacked. It just must be a spell targeting that creature. So it could potentially be something like bane. Do not forget to check out spell sniper 5e feat.

Something that’s a debuff and that honestly this is probably the most useful part of the feat and something that i see people use the least i think we’re just kind of drilled into us that attack of opportunity. As it attacked but this lets you make it a spell as well. In any case let’s take a look at my personal thoughts on it.


In terms of who benefits the most? it’s interesting! i want to say eldritch knight’s benefited from it a ton druids can benefit it as well. Based on their play style but more often bards will. In addition to that hex blade, warlock 1000% benefits from this the warlock class in general takes huge advantage of this.

In addition to the sorcerer does to some lesser degree to all the casters do but the warlocks especially. Just because with spells like armor of agathys they find themselves in combat more often than the others would. In addition to that you know it’s just a generally useful feat.

This partner is really well with eldritch blast as well especially if you take agonizing blast and some movement related invocation and that’s really good stuff there.

Another good use of it would be chill touch would have a lot of benefit, ray of frost have a lot of benefit there’s a couple cantrips i can think of off the top of my head that would really work out great for this. Even shocking grasp in dnd 5e and work remove their reaction that’d be handy. Mine just liver could really work vicious mock or even kind of just you know the culprits. The war caster booming blade is also one of the spells 5e.


In any case if you have any crazy ideas, any cool uses, any combos or any personal thoughts please put them down beneath in the comment section. I really enjoy reading them and to be honest everyone else checking out this article does as well. So that being said without further ado guys have a great day and as always happy casting. Do you know about war mage 5e now!

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