DnD 5E Skill Expert Feat

Hello adventurers! welcome to my dndtopics.com website and thank you so much for tuning into the 78th episode of our feats series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at dnd 5e skill expert feat which i actually feel like this and the pre-existing feat skilled are going to be bumping into heads with each other.

And i think skill expert 5e most would agree is a superior feat between the two so i’m not necessarily a huge fan of feats directly outshining each other. However that being said i suppose it comes down to play style and what your end goal for the character is.

In any case today we’re going to be diving into skill expert found in the tasha’s cauldron of everything book that was recently released. Now let’s take a moment here and dive into its description.


So right out of the gate you get plus one to any ability score which is sweet. Then you gain proficiency in one skill of your choice and you also choose one skill in which you have proficiency and you gain expertise with that skill. Expertise if you’re not familiar it doubles your proficiency bonus.

Pretty good stuff at least regarding that particular skill that’s chosen of course. It’s really nice and it is going to be worth noting that the feat does provide some additional text namely the skill you chose  must be the one that isn’t benefiting from a feature such as expertise that doubles your proficiency bonus.

So no quadruple proficiency bonuses at least not using this feat. To the best of my knowledge there isn’t a way to gain quadruple proficiency at least not to the best of my knowledge there might be like a weird exploit but i’ve never seen it. So there is that let me know down beneath if you know a way to do it. Now let’s quickly go through the walkthrough here


It is a relatively simple feat plus one to any ability score, proficiency in one skill and gain expertise with a skill you already proficient in. Really simple, really nice, how useful is it though? that’s kind of a question…odds are it really does come down to play style and it really does come down to like the end goal of your particular character or eve the campaign in which you’re operating in. What do i mean by that well let’s take a look at my personal thoughts here.


So out of the gate every once in a while i’ll meet a player who wants to have a character that really isn’t bad at anything. Kind of like a jack of all trades if you want to look at it that way and to those characters if you grab skill expert, skilled take some levels in bard grab some in rogue you’re likely to hit that point relatively quick.

Verdicts out on how well bard and rogue really synergize together. I think they do quite well especially if you go with the assassin but assassinate is just a really good ability and then you rely on the bard for dealing just solid amounts of dps i think the lore bard works best with it.

I can’t remember there’s a weird build out there. Personally i’ve never played it but it’s kind of irrelevant for the sake of this article. So if that’s what you want for your character to have proficiency and damn near everything then this is a pretty solid way to go about that.

There’s also going to be circumstances where you’re playing games that require you to make a ton of checks either because that’s something to do with the setting or the story for example if you have amnesia and you need to remember things.

And the only way you can remember is through history checks and you don’t have proficiency in history and you’re sick and tired of failing these roles this would be a good way of hedging your bets against that.

That being said outside of those two uses it’s okay! having proficiency and certainly expertise in any skill you’re likely to use is certainly a benefit no matter what and then plus one to any ability score is super nice as well. So there’s no real drawbacks in taking this. Looking at it again and rally thinking about it…i do think this is one of the stronger feats that’s out there currently.


That being said it’s usefulness really does come down to the person who’s choosing it and to the dm as well. So just bear that in mind before you pick it. That being said let me know what you think about skill expert feats 5e tasha’s down beneath in the comments section.

Be sure to mention any thoughts, comments, questions, concerns, build ideas or just ideas in general. That being said hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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