Shield Master DnD 5E Feat

“Do you know that the optional feats in d&d 5th edition provide players an option for designing their characters with some unique abilities or training. So with today’s shield master feat, the characters may become experts in defense. Not only would they be capable to block physical attacks but some spells as well. So from this blog post we would like to mention all the details of selecting the shield master and also try to explain why it’s a great pick for fighter-type characters.”

shield master 5e feat

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out our 50th ever episode of our 5e dnd feats series. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at shield master 5e feat now this is perfect for those characters with ludicrously high AC who just want to help out the party and attract as much aggro as possible.

It has found in the players handbook and you know honestly if you’re carrying a shield regularly i would recommend just taking a look at this in general it’s really cool. That being said let’s take a look at the description to better understand what this feat all about.


First and foremost it might be worth noting that although there is technically no prerequisite here. You Should probably be carrying a shield if you want to take advantage to almost any of this. The description reads as followed.

Actually, this shield master feat in dnd helps you not only for protection but also for the offense. By using this dnd 5e feat you can gain the below mentioned advantages while you’re wielding a shield.

  • If you do take an attack action on your turn, and there you can use a bonus action for trying to shove a creature within a distance of 5 feet from you by your shield.
  • Suppose, if you’re not incapacitated, you can easily add your shield’s AC bonus for any of the dexterity saving throw that you do make against a spell or else other harmful effect which targets only to you.
  • However, if you’re subjected to an effect which normally allows you to make a dexterity saving throw for taking only half damage, You can also use your reaction for taking no damage if you are succeed on the saving throw, also interposing your shield in between yourself and also a source of the effect.

Super interesting stuff there! Honestly i really like the way this is worded and you do need a shield to take advantage of any of that. So just bear that in mind in the back of your head. That being said let’s take a look at the walkthrough and just break this down a little bit further.


So i got to clarify real quick here a couple things. Firstly this can only be done after you make an attack. What i mean by that is you got to make the attack action first. It doesn’t matter if you hit or if you miss, it doesn’t have to be a successful attack you just have to take the attack action before you use your bonus action to shove. Now a shoving in 5e works a little bit differently.

Shoving essentially gives you the choice to knock them back five feet or knock them prone and it is not guaranteed to be an automatic success, it’s actually your athletics versus their athletics or acrobatics. So bear that in the back your mind we’re using this as well.

That’s more of a note for DMs out there. A lot of times players assume it’s an automatic success but as worded it says you try to shove a creature. That try implies that’s not a guaranteed success and then you got to go through this rule. Would you get advantage you know circumstantially ID allowed my games but it’s ultimately your DMs call.

Secondly your shield AC bonus is applied to any dexterity saving throws you make. So long as they’re only targeting you. What that means is things like fireball that target more than one enemy you can’t use it there. That’s kind of a DM call as written that’s correct al though it doesn’t make a whole ton of sense to me personally.

In any case just something to think about and then the third proponent there when you’re first roll dex save for half damage, this would apply to fireball. So you can burn your reaction and should you succeed take zero damage. I think that is probably the most beneficial part of this feat and if you are trying to build a tank your character that is 1000% the way to go.

There’s a lot of times your AC can be ludicrously high but if you have poor dex, you’re gonna find it very hard to avoid most high damaging spells. In any case let’s take a look at my personal thoughts for this.


I really could see this being used by someone like let’s say the swashbuckler or the bard for sure could really gain a lot of use out of this. Those would probably be the two best classes i could really see taking advantage of this. That being said i mean any class with shield proficiency could really get a lot of bang for their buck.

If you really plan on going this route i might actually suggest taking a one level dip into forge cleric. Reason being they can apply a +1 bonus to anything really, so make a plus 1 shield or any piece of equipment i should say. So make a plus one shield with that and you’ll find that it’ll be quite worth it.


That being said guys, if you have any builds, combo ideas, comments or cool stories involving shield master i’d really like to hear them down in the comments beneath. I love reading them, i know everyone checking out this article does as well. That being said guys thank you so much once again for choosing our website, i really do appreciate it have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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