Shield Master DnD 5E Feat

Actually, this shield master feat in dnd helps you not only for protection but also for the offense. By using this dnd 5e feat you can gain the below mentioned advantages while you’re wielding a shield.

  • If you do take an attack action on your turn, and there you can use a bonus action for trying to shove a creature within a distance of 5 feet from you by your shield.
  • Suppose, if you’re not incapacitated, you can easily add your shield’s AC bonus for any of the dexterity saving throw that you do make against a spell or else other harmful effect which targets only to you.
  • However, if you’re subjected to an effect which normally allows you to make a dexterity saving throw for taking only half damage, You can also use your reaction for taking no damage if you are succeed on the saving throw, also interposing your shield in between yourself and also a source of the effect.

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