Sentinel DnD 5E Feat

As a Sentinel DnD 5E Feat you’ve become mastered in some techniques to take an advantage of every drop in any of the enemy’s guard and of course you can gain the below mentioned benefits:

  • Whenever you make to hit the creature by an opportunity attack and also the creature’s speed can become 0 for rest of the turn.
  • Any types of creatures would be provoke the attack from you even though if they would take some Disengage action before it leaving your reach.
  • Whenever a creature which is within 5 feet of you to make an attack which is against to a target other than you (and also that target doesn’t have this feat), you can easily use your reaction for making the melee weapon attack which is against the attacking creature.

Review On Sentinel DnD 5E Feat

This dnd feat is available in players handbook. This feat does not have any prerequisite. So, you can take any types of backgrounds, races, skills, ability level with this feat, there is no problem until it does not contain any prerequisite. You can have mastered techniques as per the above mentioned description. You can take benefit of each and every drop in an enemy’s guard by gaining the below mentioned benefits:

  • Whenever you hit any creature with an opportunity attack then the creatures speed would become zero for the rest of their turn.
  • Of course the creatures provoke the opportunity tags from you even though if they are taking the disengage action before they’re leaving your reach whenever the creature is within 5 feet of you could make an attack against the target other than you and of course that target does not have this specific feat but you can use your reaction for making the melee attack against to the attacking creature.

After would hit an enemy and whack them in a head or else whatever have you then immediately their speed would be reduced to the “Zero”. Here the tax of opportunity can also be made eventhough whenever the creature could take the disengage action, of course there is a tax of opportunity can also made when the creature would be within 5 feet of you can attack another target.


As per my personal experience this feat is extremely amazing, mainly, if your character which does not use their reaction the whole lot in terms of those who would be benefited mostly i can say the paladins, because they simply things they could really use the reactions for would the couple spells and of course they are like to be reserve all those spells slots for the sake of their smite so it would not make lot of sense.

We hope this article gives you so much clarity on Sentinel 5E Feat, if you still have any doubts or would you lie to share your thoughts on this feat then make sure to leave a comment below.

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