Resilient DnD 5E Feat

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes. Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for clicked on our 43rd episode of our feats series. It truly has been great getting to know all of you on this trip. But it’s not over yet! today we’re going to be taking a look at one of the most classic feats in the players handbook.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at resilient dnd 5e feat. Although it’s not super popular it hasn’t quite a bit of mechanical benefits despite its simplicity. That being said let’s take a quick look at the description so we know we’re talking about.


First and foremost there are no prerequisites for this feat. meaning anyone of any class, any race, anyone at all could take it. The feat reads as followed.

Being a Resilient DnD 5E Feat you able to chose one ability score, even you can gain below mentioned benefits:

  • By this feat you can enhance the chosen ability score by 1, for the maximum of 20.
  • You can also gain the proficiency in the saving throws by using the chosen ability.

Not really a whole lot there. But let’s break it down anyways. Would you also like to read our latest article on empathic feat 5e


First and foremost step 1 choose an ability score or an ability i guess. Strength dex, Con intelligence, wisdom, charisma your choices pick whichever one you don’t already have proficiency and that probably your best way to do it. Also check out our dnd 5e mobile feat.

You get a plus one to it and then as i kind of mentioned you get proficiency with it. Not really a whole lot to go over with this one. But let’s take a look at my personal thoughts in any case. You may also interested in athlete feat 5e.


Honestly! i think this one should be considered at most levels this is really kind of a feat that you’re really only gonna want to pick if one of your ability scores is close to improving its modifier. Would you also like to read keen mind feat!

Outside of that i can’t really imagine a whole lot of reasons why you need to take this, maybe if you find your DM has been throwing a lot of 1 saving throw that you might want to take it then. But for the most part it’s worth considering but play by ear. You can also read tough 5e blog post.


That being said! If you have any crazy uses or stories or builds involving resilient i really like to hear them down in the comments below as with everyone else reading this article. As always thank you so much guys, have a great day and as always happy adventuring. We also suggest you to read our dnd observant.

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