Performer DnD 5E Feat

As a Performer/entertainer dnd 5e feat you’re more efficient in performance for that you can easily command any kind of stage. You can also gain the following benefits:

  • Being this performer feat you can increase your charisma score by 1, for a maximum of 20.
  • You can also gain the proficiency in a Performance skill. Of course if you’re already been proficient in that specific skill, then you do add double your proficiency bonus to checks that you make with it.
  • During this performance, you can easily try to distract one humanoid that you can see who able to see and even hear you. So that make a charisma (Performance) check contested by the humanoid’s Wisdom (Insight) check. However, if your check succeeds, then you can grab its humanoid’s attention enough which it makes the wisdom (Perception) and also the intelligence (Investigation) checks with the disadvantage until you make it to stop from performing.

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