Lucky DnD 5E Feat

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my dndtopics world and thank you so much for choosing into the 31st episode of our feat series. Today we are taking a look at not just one of the most popular feats out there but also one of the funnest uses well and your party members usually love this one. Today we’re going to be talking about the ever famous ever impressive a dnd 5e lucky feat.

This absolute beauty is found in the players handbook and honestly i feel like everyone has given this a read i’ve seen it played in tons of games of mine personally, as well as one of my current character uses this feat quite a bit. With all that hype out of the way let’s take a look at the description, so we know what the hype is all about.


Before i really get into it i’d like to point out that there’s no prerequisite meaning anyone of any ability level or race or class can use it just fine. The description reads as followed.

You actually, have an inexplicable luck which seems to be kick in at just a perfect moment.

Being a lucky dnd 5e feat you normally have 3 luck points. Whenever you do make an attack roll, an ability check, or else a saving throw, even you able to spend one luck point for rolling an additional d20. You can easily chose to spend one of your basic luck points to be rolling an additional d20.

You can also chose to spend one of your luck points after whenever you roll a die, but before the outcome has been determined. You can easily chose which of these d20s has been used for a specific attack roll, ability check, or even a saving throw.

You can easily spend one luck point whenever an attack roll has been made against to you. You have to roll d20 and then select whether the attack uses the attacker’s roll or yours.

Suppose, more than one creature could spends a luck point for influencing the result of the roll, the points can be canceled each other out; normally, no additional dice are to be rolled.

You do regain your expended luck points whenever you make to finish a long rest.

My goodness that is a wordy one. and there is a time to unpack there. Let’s do that over in the walkthrough section.


So, just a quick summarize you have three luck points all right! you can use one of your luck points to retroactively re-roll for an attack roll ability check or a saving throw and you get to choose which roll meaning if you want to intentionally fail you can use a luck point to do that or if you want to succeed you can select a luck point also do that, really cool!

How its worded but it has to be done after you roll the first one but before the outcome is determined. So you kind of have to guess a little bit at what the difficulty level is and kind of just assume based off of that. Right! you some DM’s let you know whether or not you would have succeeded or failed before you make the choice but technically as written they don’t have to.

The second use for the luck point is to have enemies re-roll their attacks against you. Once again this is one where you get to choose. So if you need them they hit you, you can make that happen and if you need them to miss you you can also try and make that happen as well.

Really cool stuff. In the same pseudo retroactively applies where is before it is determined right! so you know that being said it is really cool stuff. You do regain them at after a long rest and if more than one luck point is spent to influence the roll it cancels out.

Actually i’ve got that little bit wrong! it specifically says that more than one creature. Meaning by definition you can actually use more than one luck point to influence a roll give like double advantage, double disadvantage.

Technically saying it’s kind of interesting because you get to pick so it’s not true advantage or disadvantage but in more cases not it would be unless it’s an interesting role where it has to be within a certain range. Anyways let’s take a look at my personal thoughts on it.


Honestly, this is a solid one to pick. Especially, if you’re a character who relies on enemies making a lot of relies on you making a lot of checks. This is just always good on having your back pocket. It really is, it can turn the ebb and flow of battle relatively quickly, it can also kind of help you out when it comes to things that are social or other elements of your questing essentially.

In terms of who benefits most from this though, i actually want to say paladin’s would. My reason for that being is actually i don’t even know, i want to say paladin’s because they can go nova but they can also choose to smite even like they can choose what to smite. So they can actually smite after they know the attack hit.

In terms of who benefits most i want to say possibly warlocks just because of how heavily they rely on eldridge blast that is a spell attack so they could really benefit from that. They can also benefit from the ability to influence attack, enemies attack roles just because there’s a little bit squishier.


That being said honestly i feel like every class could gain a decent amount from this. If you know of one in particular that would i’d be really interested to hear about it down in the comment section.

Same a few of any other hot takes on it or any cool stories involving in the lucky feat i know there’s a ton out there. I love reading them everyone checking this article in loves reading them. That being said guys! As always have a great day and happy adventuring.

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