Fey Teleportation DnD 5E Feat

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes. Welcome to my website and thank you so much for checking in to the 19th episode of our d&d 5e feats series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at dnd 5e fey teleportation feat. It is perfect for those high elves out there who just need to get out of a tight spot right away and want to do it in style.

It is found in the xanathar’s guide to everything handbook and it is definitely worth getting if you don’t own it already. That being said guys let’s take a quick look at how feats work and operate? However you can also read our 5e fey touched.

You essentially get a feat every four levels in place of your ability score improvement, meaning you can pick one or the other. Sometimes it’s better to go with an ability score improvement other times a feat might suit your needs. It ultimately comes down to play style. Do you know about dnd fade away!

The feats are essentially extra features, abilities and expertise you can add to your character and make them more your own with that out of the way. Let’s take a look at the description for fey teleportation.


There is a prerequisite for this. You gotta be a high elf. You can’t be a half-elf, you can’t be a wood elf, can’t be a anything like that you’ve got to be a high elf in order to get this. With that out of the way let’s take a look at the description. Also do check out elven accuracy 5e.

Prerequisite: Elf (High)

In this fey teleportation 5e feat your study of high elven lore has been unlocked the fey power which few of the other elves posses, but except your eladrin cousins.

However drawing on your fey ancestry, that you could momentarily stride via a Feywild to shorten your path from one place to another place. With this dnd 5e feat you can gain the below mentioned advantages:

  • This fey teleportation dnd 5e feat can increase your Intelligence or charisma score by 1, up to maximum of 20.
  • With this feat you can learn to speak, read and also write the sylvan language 5e.
  • You can also learn the misty step spell and even cast it once without expending the spell slot. You can regain the ability to cast it in this type of way whenever you finish a short or long rest. The Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for this spell.

Very cool stuff. Let’s take a look at the walkthrough and break it down a little bit more. Also read charger 5e feat.


So the intelligence secrets may increase not a whole lot really dressed there i’d recommend putting it in whichever one is closest to the modifier increase. If there are the same point just use whatever you find yourself going more frequently with which for most characters would be charisma. The ability to speak, write and read sylvan is also really cool.

I don’t really think they had to put it in there. But it is nice and campaign dependent. This is very cool and the misty step spell, if you’re not familiar with how misty step works i’ll write you the spell description because literally a sentence.

Briefly, surrounding or briefly surrounded by silvery mist you teleport up to 30 feet into an unoccupied space that you can see. Really cool stuff there! honestly i really like this i find this to be really solid. Let’s take a look at my personal thoughts for it.


I thematically loved the idea of a robe having this. I’m just because the ability to the whole mist movement teleportation thing is very rogue is kind of a like throw them a smoke bomb at the ground and then disappear only to reappear somewhere else.

I think that’s really cool. In terms of who benefits the most from this mechanically. You know i gotta say probably the spell casters out there. I think the hex played warlock would probably gain the most from this if  i’m being honest.

So spellcasters gained from it something because if you’re surrounded or someone gets jump on you and get this the surprise round and you’re in a really rough spot. This is a surefire way to escape without taking any attack of opportunities.

So that’s really cool they’re. The reason why i think the warlock or the hex blade warlock in particular might benefit from this. If you’re a hex played warlock. You’re in the thick of combat.

That being said, your hit point die really isn’t that large. So if your armored agathis rands out and you’re almost dead and you’re surrounded by enemies and you’ve already used up your spell slot. So you just need a way to escape right to away. This is the way to do it….hands down.


That being said if you have any crazy ideas or uses for this feat or if you have any build your cool stories involving it, i’d really like to hear them down beneath and i know everyone else reading this article would as well. Thank you so much for reading in today guys and as always happy adventuring.

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