Durable DnD 5E Feat

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my website and thank you for selecting the 14th article of our dnd feats series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the tough-guy feat durable. Durable dnd 5e feat is found in the players handbook and it is an interesting feat in the way that the people who benefit most from it are not the people you might think. Also read dnd tough.

That being said if you don’t know how a feat works or when you get them. You usually get them every four levels or so. Some classes get a little bit more than other but for the most part everyone gets them every four levels. And you get them in place of your ability score improvements.

They’re essentially additional traits or abilities or expertise you can give your character to give them. Just a little bit more of a personalized feel to them, really make them your own. That being said let’s take a look at the description for durable here. Do you want our second chance dnd feat then check it out now.


So great news is there’s no prerequisite for it. So, anyone can use it for any class, race, skill set doesn’t matter and the description reads as followed.

A Hardy and dnd 5e resilient, here you gain the following advantages:

  • You can increase your Constitution score by 1, for a maximum of 20.
  • Whenever you roll the hit die for regain to hit points, and also the minimum number of hit points that you regain from the roll equals twice your Constitution modifier (minimum of 2).

Fantastic a little bit tricky on the wording in that last one but i’ll explain it better down below and that being said let’s take a look at a quick walkthrough and really flesh this out. Would you like to read mobile dnd 5e too!


So, the +1 the constitution fairly easy to understand. What you need to know about the second bullet point there is your minimum hit die rule it equals twice your constitution modifier. I don’t know why wizards were to go like that but in any case that’s what it means. That’s kind of a quick. Let’s take a look at my thoughts on it. Also read dnd 5e climbing feat.


So, in my opinion the one who benefits most from this bar none are the casters namely the wizard. Smallest hit die but usually had a very large con bonus or con modifier. A reason being if you’re a wizard worth your salt you’re gonna be using a lot of concentration spells.

The last thing you want to do is be bumped by something from behind and lose that concentration. So very large con modifier really saves your neck. Also check out our other articles like dnd observant feat.

So assuming you have a con modifier of like plus 2 or 3, you can’t ever roll beneath a 6 or eight for your health when you get a back. That’s really good that’s fantastic, that’s a buff your maximum roll sometimes. So, they’re the once that gain the most from it.

At least in my opinion, you might disagree you might agree i can really see this being a good feat in a party with no designated healer but you a got a lot of time for sure arrests. This would be perfect. We also recommend you to read 5e fey touched feat.

Wrap up

That being said, if you have any alternative uses, any crazy stories or any builds in mind or this please let me know down beneath. I’m really curious to see what you guys have to say. i know everyone else reading on as well. Thank you so much in advance and thank you so much for following today and as always guys happy adventuring. Any how if you want to know about dnd when to get feats you must read this article.

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