Crusher (UA) DnD 5E Feat

Hello adventurers! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you for clicked on a very special episode of our feats 5e series. For a couple reasons first and foremost and the much larger reason tasha’s cauldron of everything was released today.

Pretty cool stuff, i’ve mixed feelings about the whole thing in general as i’m sure you’ll find out in a lot of later articles. As far as the feats are concerned i was actually surprised to see that there weren’t really any differences from their unearthed arcana releases to the tasha’s releases at least not in any meaningful way as far as i can tell which.

I don’t know some of it i’m a little bit disappointed with some of it i’m very happy with but if you don’t like it, you don’t have to allow it in your game and if you do like it you can let your players use it so it’s not really consequential one way or another and the second reason of why this article is so important is it’s the 69th episode.

So today we’re talking about dnd 5e crusher feat. It’s found in the tasha’s cauldron of everything. There’s a couple feats that are fairly similar to it in one way or another. But let’s start with this one because the alphabet works a certain way. Now let’s dive into its description.


You are already practiced in the art of crushing most of your enemies, simply by granting you below mentioned benefits:

  • First of all increase your Strength or Constitution by 1, to almost a maximum of 20.
  • Probably, once per turn, whenever you hit the creature with an attack which usually deals bludgeoning damage, though you can move it 5 feet to an unoccupied space, provided a target’s no more than one size larger than you.
  • Of course whenever you score the critical hit which deals bludgeoning damage to a specific creature and the attack rolls against that creature are made with an advantage until unless the start of your next turn.

I’d probably imagine this is kind of being dazed and confused you know if you get. Whacked with a hammer and you’re kind of disoriented for a little bit. That would be reasonable to assume. Overall it’s pretty nice, i like the fact that it kind of lends itself to a more. Niche play style and makes some weapons a little bit more valuable for the long haul than others. It’s very nice i like let’s take a look at the walkthrough here.


So, as i mentioned earlier plus one to strength or constitution. Very similar there and once per turn when you deal bludgeoning damage you can move the target creature five feet to an unoccupied space.

Provided the target is no more than one size larger to you and when you crit, wen you score a critical hit that deals bludgeoning damage attacks that grants the creature are made with advantage until the end of your next turn.

It’s overall pretty simple and relatively easy to understand something i do want to point out. However and if you’ve been a long time user of the website you already know this and if you’re familiar with dungeons and dragons 5e you might know this as well.

But forced movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity and this is most definitely forced movement. So if you’re planning on using it for that i’m sorry but no cigar, however you know this is pretty solid. Let’s go get over to my personal thoughts on it.


I really like it..! i think it’s great, i think you can use the movement to clear pathways and kind of rush past enemies. Seeing as how you can move them five feet. It’s feasible for you to clear a path for your party members they can move in a way where they are not going to get an attack of opportunity performed on them.

I think that’s a really great way of using it and the advantage for essentially a whole round after your turn. It’s really nice as well. Ultimately there’s not really anything i would change about this. I think it’s a viable option at early mid and end game. I couldn’t really imagine scenarios where this would be detrimental at all. It’s certainly worth the feat investment.

The only problem as far as i can tell is based on your campaign. There might come moments where it doesn’t make sense to go with the bludgeoning weapon. This would be the case if you were provided magical weapon and none of them happen to invoke bludgeoning damage.

So there’s a potential for this being a wasted feat. But push comes to shove you do still get the ability score improvement. So even if you’re using something else temporarily in the hopes of finding a magical bludgeoning weapon. You are still gonna at least gain some benefit from the feat through the long haul.

Wrap Up

So, that’s all i really have to say about it. Let me know what you think down beneath in the comment section. Mention any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns you have regarding it. Let me know what you think of tasha’s cauldron of everything as well.

Once again i have some relatively mixed emotions about it. But i don’t know it is what it is. That being said hope you all have a wonderful and as always happy adventuring everyone.

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