Barbed Hide DnD 5E Feat

The dnd 5e barbed hide feat is available at Unearthed Arcana 39 – Feats for Races. In this blog post we are going to explain you about this dnd 5e feat you can check it out now.

Prerequisite: Tiefling

In this d&d barbed hide feat one of your ancestors were a barbed devil or else other spiky fiend. The barbs protrude from your head. As per this feat you can get the below mentioned advantages.

  • With this barbed hide feat 5e you can enhance your Constitution or charisma score by 1, almost up to maximum of 20.
  • You can get the proficiency in the Intimidation skill. However if you’re already proficient in it, then your proficiency bonus would be doubled for any check that you make with it.
  • As a bonus action, you are able to cause small barbs for the protrude all over your body or else it cause them to be retract.
  • At the beginning of each of your turns at the time of barbs are out, you can deal 1d6 piercing damage for any type of creature grappling you or else any creature grappled by you.

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