Alchemist DnD 5E Feat

Being an Alchemist DnD 5E Feat you already have studied many of the secrets of an alchemy and are an expert in it own practice and also gaining the following advantages. In any case would you also like to read our dnd list of feats.

You can increase your intelligence score by 1, to the maximum of 20. You also gain the proficiency by the alchemist’s supplies. Suppose, if you’re already proficient with them, and then you can double your proficiency bonus to checks that you make with them. Haven’t you checked our.

So, as an action, you can easily identify one potion within 5 feet of you, as if you already had tested it. You also must see the liquid for this specific benefit to work. Any how, over the course of any short rest, you can temporarily improve the potency of a potion of healing of any rarity.

For using this benefit, you should have the alchemist’s supplies with you and also the potion must be within a reach. Suppose, if the potion is drunk not more than 1 hour after the short rest ends, also the creature is drinking the potion can forgo the potion’s die roll and also regains the maximum number of the hit points which a potion can restore. We also recommend you to read revenant blade 5e

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