DnD 5E Class Tier List 2022

Here is one of my hobbies whenever i’m about to start any of new campaign that is to look at online guides ranking the core classes (which is now include the artificer). Any way i’ve sort of run out of those…so that I figured out that I’ll make my own.

However i’ve been written a bit of info about each of the class, starting with the suggested roles in the specific party. So, at an end of each of the description, i will mention the dnd 5e classes ranking, from D to S (D, C, B, A, S, with S being the best and D the worst). Checkout the DnD class tier list from below.

1) Artificer:

artificer 5e class

This artificer class support, defender (battle smith), frontliner (armorer), blaster (artillerist, mostly), handyman. Anyway the Artificers can support different from the other classes those are functioning mostly on the items rather than the buffs and also the heals.

Each and every archetype has its own favored style, almost with the alchemists leaning into a support role, the armorers are being a frontliner, artillerists being a blaster, and also the battle smiths being a defender.

Usually, the battle smith reminds me of an improved beastmaster, although their companion operates on the different action economy than any of the beastmaster.

Anyhow, one thing here i like about the artificer is that even whenever they pick their niche, then they are still incredibly versatile and also it can adapt for almost any kind of situation. Whenever you play an artificer, you must remember: sharing is caring.

Do not hog all the infusions for things such as homunculus servant. But instead of this, infuse your party members items and also keep one or two for yourself. So, the artificer is meant to be a team player, even though if they very self-sufficient. Rank: A

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2) Barbarian:

Barbarian 5e class

The defender (spirit guardian archetype fits this best), Tank. Al though the Barbarians are much excellent in the combat, but outside of it they commonly have very few skills. They have a decent list of skills, they are amplified with the optional class features from TCoE, but other than that, they can not even do much…they are not exactly sneaky and they are frequently have lowest charisma and/or intelligence. Any how, with their high hit die and also good natural armor that they make a solid tank or frontliner. Rank: C

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3) Bard:

Bard 5e class

This bard class support, the Frontliner (valor and swords only), Face. The bards usually have a great list of spells, which includes the whole lot of excellent buffs, debuffs, and it controls spells. With the charisma as their primary ability, and even a good list of social skills, that they make an excellent party face as well. Anyhow, without a subclass like a valor or the swords those grants more martial abilities, that they do not have much offensive power themselves. Rank: A

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4) Cleric:

cleric 5e class

This dnd cleric class supports, the Frontliner, Blaster. Any how the the clerics are in an interesting class. They all have a huge list of the subclasses, here the second only to the wizards, and even get a variety of the good weapon and even armor proficiencies from these archetypes.

They should also have the decent amount of offense spells, with the some of OP exclusives like guiding bolt. Here the main role people usually selects for them is healer, which could make sense, especially if you play a life cleric. However most of their archetypes shall give heavy armor proficiency such as allowing them to stay alive longer. Rank: S

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5) Druid:

druid 5e class

This druid 5e class support, the Handyman, Scout. Druids have great flavor, and also some good class features. Normally, their spell list is nice also, with some of the good exclusives such as storm of vengeance, moonbeam, and healing spirit (which has now been nerfed).

Here a thing that the people may remember about them is wildshape, with an excellent feature which may allow them for morphing into a beast (or else an elemental for moon druids, or a weird fungi guy with spores). The Wildshape typically is not useful in the combat, but it is out of the combat, it is pretty great.

However it is excellent for disguising and mobility, allowing them to be good scouts. Suppose, if you’re the moon druid, then you can also morph into the elementals, or higher CR beasts, simply by allowing you to make the most effective combatant. It is also worth mentioning that they commonly have decent martial skills, with some good finnesse weapons, light and medium armor, and shields. Rank: B

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6) Fighter:

Fighter 5e class

As per this fighter class any kind of martial role, Blaster (eldritch knight only). The fighters are so much pretty straightforward: weapons. they commonly excel in combat, getting more attack than anyone except for monks.

Of course they also have the proficiency in every weapon and even the armor type in the game, even though they are some what lacking in the skills. So, the eldritch knight archetype adds a bit more versatility, by giving you some of the handy utility spells from a wizard spell list, as well as some more blasty spells like fireball. Rank: A

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7) Monk:

Monk 5e class

Striker, Scout, Sneak. Here the monks are notoriously MAD (multiple ability dependent), any how they shall have their fair share of good abilities. They usually have the martial arts feature, which may give their unarmed strikes which are better damage, and essentially gives you the two-weapon fighting style.

Of course they also have a flurry of blows, which may allows them for taking two extra attacks as a bonus action. They may also have an extra speed, immunity for old age, even the ability to walk along the walls and water and the proficiency in all of the saving throws, at the higher levels. The monks are extremely powerful, but wherever they may take a while for becoming that way. Rank: A

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8) Paladin:

Paladin 5e class

The striker, Support, Tank, Defender. Paladins, although they are slightly MAD, are undeniably powerful. 5 level of different spells, divine smite for the massive damages, and also some of the cazy powerful auras- these guys have everything, magic-wise, plus martial abilities nearly as good as the fighter. Rank: S

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9) Ranger:

Ranger 5e class

The scout, Sneak, Striker, Archer. Recently, rangers got an update. However, the TCoE shall be fixed a lot of the class features and also that has been made rangers weak……so now, they are at least a bit better. Of course they have some of the handy utility spells and also the abilities, some of the good combat abilities and also an excellent amount of disguise and also stealth abilities. They are still have the few flaws, mainly that they would tend to be a bit niche still, but all in all, they’re a good pick. Rank: A

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10) Rogue:

Rogue 5e class

As per this rogue here the sneak, Handyman, Scout, Control (arcane trickster only) Rogues are so much of pretty cool. Of course they are a bit weak in the combat, but they are having the bunch of utility, especially with an arcane trickster subclass. So here i find some of their features lacking, but i would be still playing one. Rank: B

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11) Sorcerer:

sorcerer 5e class

Blaster, Face. I have never ever liked the sorcerers. They just only know 15 spells, and also they have to wait until unless they shall gain a level for switching them out. And even after that they are only able to switch out simultaneously. This shall make them incredibly niche…. so in fact, not the niche, stuck. They would pick their type and also they are left with it until level 20.

So some of their subclasses ease the pain a bit, by giving them such an access to the spells such as cleric or wizard spells as well, but it doesn’t really help. They do have the metamagic, but most of those options are easily granted by other features from different classes. Rank: D

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12) Warlock:

Warlock 5e class

Here the Blaster, Control, Support (celestial), frontliner (hexblade). Of course the Warlocks are weird. They could cast the spells differently from every other class in game, but they shall have some of the really good cantrips….namely, eldritch blast.

They may also have invocations, which could come in a handy with some of the nice disguise, control, and offensive options. Each of the patron too can change the way they do function, with the things like the genie and even fiend making them blasters, hexblade making them a frontliner, and celestial making them a support character. Rank: B

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13) Wizard:

Wizard 5e class

The blaster, Handyman, Control. Here i am just going to get this out of the way….the wizards are one of my favorites. They are extremely versatile, with a longest spell list in the game. However they do not get very many class features (one every other level), bu they do have some of the great subclasses, such as the order of scribes and the abjurer. the Wizards stand out from other classes just because of sheer versatility. Rank: S

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dnd 5e best class tiers:

  1. wizard
  2. paladin
  3. cleric
  4. monk
  5. bard
  6. artificer
  7. fighter
  8. ranger
  9. rogue
  10. warlock
  11. druid
  12. barbarian
  13. sorcerer

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