Blood Hunter 5E Class

This blood hunter was a Marred but resolute, actually his grimacing face is dripping by lots of sweat, a half-orc reddens a finger across all of his wounds to draw the glowing, ruby glyph in air. He can also grips the weightless, completed sigil, twisting it for unleash the dark magical energies which has fire forward and also crushing the stalking behemoth from within its own veins for most better even the odds too.

Actually, one of the mysterious half-elf swathed in the worn cloak and also rugged leather armor do carefully investigate a grizzly scene off a roadway and also her eyes would be flashing with recognition like she meditates on the remnants of a massacre.

Any how the survivor whoever warily hired her withdraws by the jump like the half-elf suddenly do some shoots to her feet, also it is sure in the knowledge of the culprit, wherever it calls home, and also how little time there is remain to find it.

Any way, by stepping into the lightless chambers of an ancient dust and also even lingering whispers and also the halfling’s nose can picks up the pungent smell of an imminent danger like she normally hears a scraping of bone and also the claw on nearby stone. She also winces like she runs her blade across her palm, and also the steel has been transmuting her blood into the glowing runes of the powerful magic, and her sword suddenly engulfed in an arcane flames and also they eager to brand and even burn the flesh of her all enemies.

Basically, it frequently feared or misunderstood, and also driven by unending drive for destroying the wicked, the blood hunters are always be clever only, and the arcane warriors those who have been bound their essence to the dark creatures which they do hunt for a better stalk and also they do survive their prey.

An armed by the rites of a forbidden blood magic and also some how willingness to sacrifice their own vitality and even the humanity for the cause, they always protect the realms from the shadows, ever vigilant to be avoiding becoming the same monsters which they chose to hurt.

Sacrifice To Preserve Life

Because of most of the classic schools of a magical study were well known and even they widely respected, the less refined and macabre incantations of hemocraft have long been forbidden and also lost to many of the civilized world. Usually, the blood hunters have been reclaimed these types of techniques away from the judging eyes of the society, also finding blood magic’s esoteric nature which is effective against to the  evil’s which is frequently defy the divine powers which has been historically hold the line.

Via a careful study and practice, the blood hunters have been honed the rites of hemocraft into their combat prowess, forfeiting the facet of their health for infusing their weapons by powerful blood magic and summoning the elements for envelop their strikes.

They always could sear an arcane brand into the body of their quarry which hinders their foe’s abilities and even punishes their aggression or else call blood curses upon their enemies and also manipulating their bodies from inside of them. Even they willing to suffer whatever it takes to achieve the victory, and these adept warriors have been forged themselves into the potent force which are against to the terror which threaten the innocent.

A Monster to Fight Monsters

Whether its been driven by the wish to make difference in a dangerous world, their needs to take a vengeance for the sake of a great wrong what they’ve suffered. Actually, being inspired by witnessing the strange and the powerful techniques of an another blood hunter in person, or else simply seeking a place to belong in an uncaring world, the reasons one might take up the hunter’s bane and also have chosen this life are many and varied.

By joining an order of the blood hunters and one is also by joining an order of the blood hunters, like one is also joining a tight family bound by the service for each other and also the common cause. For so many, this is the only family either what they have known or have left, so the kinship would felt in between the members an order is the bond neigh unbreakable.

So, beyond the boundaries of an order, al though, the life of a blood hunter is frequently not an easy one. Also the ritual’s of the Hunter’s Bane can regularly leave a visibly changed and also prone to unsettle the common folk and even witnessing of hemocraft could be invoke a superstitious fear even from the most learned scholar.

Because of some societies have always been come to accept the good deeds of orders, so many blood hunters publicly hide their nature unless absolutely necessary, also feeling more comfortable in wilds and also the wastes of the world wherever the orders commonly be trained. Even though, the best work that the blood hunter can do normally involves the poor and defenseless on an outskirts of the society, those whoever prone to the corrupting touch of fiends and dark intension. Braving a threat of vilification and also these dark protectors would be wade via civilization, earning coin like the mercenaries or the bounty hunters, that ever watching for the signs of something more nefarious beneath of the surface.

Any way in choosing this path, the blood hunter has been irrevocably given the part of themselves to their cause, physically, emotionally, and sometimes by morally too. Basically, the orders of the blood hunters practice their own unique ideals and also methods, frequently employing techniques by dark origins which could test the strength and also will of these guardians. Many of the wrestle by fear of losing this struggle, that’s why the life of a discipline and the vigilance drives their travels like they wander the countryside in the search of like-minded adventurers and also whispers of the dark deeds afoot.

Creating a Blood Hunter

Bt creating your blood hunter, you’ve the most important aspects of your character that are why you were driven to this lifestyle, and why do you seek to give up everything to wallow in the dark with the evils you hunt? Did you lose a loved one to a fiendish beast and now wish to prevent others from suffering the same fate? Do you seek a sense of purpose and security, and found this among the order that has taken you in? Have you always carried a seed of darkness within you, and seek kin to watch over you and prevent you succumbing to it? Were you once a holy warrior who strayed from his faith and was cast out, but still seek to give yourself to the cause of protecting the innocent? Or are you a criminal with a dark past seeking to make amends, taking this life as a path of penance?

What is your relationship with the powers of hemocraft and the abilities it promises to grant you as you step closer to its mastery? Do you respect and fear the ancient power that surges through your veins, using them only when necessary? Do you relish in the strength it offers you, embracing your gifts and using them freely? Are you worried the superstitions are right, and this power will eventually turn you into one of the monsters you hunt? Or has your study instilled you with the confident control of mind over matter, certain you can bend these gifts to bring a brighter dawn?

Consider too that while a blood hunter belongs to an order, many strike out on their own to do their best work. What made you leave the comfort of your order? Do you intend to return, or have you decided you have more to learn in the world beyond? What do you seek in other adventurers that can help you meet your goals?

Because of most of the blood hunters follow the path of good or a neutrality in their pursuits, some of them have fallen to the dark, also seductive side of the hemocraft and also use their abilities for the sake of selfish and also for evil purposes. Actually, these deviants have always been thrown from the order and also frequently haunted along by the creatures they once have trained to fell.

Quick Build:

You have a capability to make the blood hunter as quickly as possible by following these suggestions; such as first of all make strength or dexterity your highest ability scores, depending on whether you want to focus on melee weapon, or else the archery (or finesse weapon). Make the intelligence your next highest if you make to plan to focus on the potency of the blood curses and also the mystical power. So once select a higher constitution for next, like you want to have extra hit points for burning on your crimson rite or else amplifying the blood curses. After that you need to select a dnd background either urchin or soldier.

The Blood Hunter

LevelProficiency BonusHemocraft DieFeaturesBlood Curses
1st+21d4Hunter's Bane, Blood Maledict1
2nd+21d4Fighting Style, Crimson Rite1
3rd+21d4Blood Hunter Order1
4th+21d4Ability Score Improvement1
5th+31d6Extra Attack1
6th+31d6Brand of Castigation, Blood Maledict (2/rest)2
7th+31d6Order Feature, Primal Rite2
8th+31d6Ability Score Improvement2
9th+41d6Grim Psychometry2
10th+41d6Dark Augmentation3
11th+41d8Order Feature3
12th+41d8Ability Score Improvement3
13th+51d8Brand of Tethering, Blood Maledict (3/rest)3
14th+51d8Hardened Soul, Esoteric Rite4
15th+51d8Order Feature4
16th+51d8Ability Score Improvement4
17th+61d10Blood Maledict (4/rest)4
18th+61d10Order Feature5
19th+61d10Ability Score Improvement5
20th+61d10Sanguine Mastery6

Blood Hunter Multiclassing

Would you like to multiclass into the blood hunter and then the prerequisites and proficiencies  have been gained are mentioned below.

Blood hunter multiclassing Prerequisites

Ability score minimum

Strength 13 or Dexterity 13, and Intelligence 13

Blood hunter multiclassing Proficiencies

Proficiencies gained

The light armor, medium armor, shields, simple weapons, martial weapons, one skill from the class’s skill list, alchemical supplies

Blood hunter multiclassing with Warlock

Suppose, the multiclassing order of the profane soul by the warlock levels, also add a third of your blood hunter levels (rounded down) for your warlock level and also consult the warlock progression table in player’s handbook for the total spell slots, cantrips known and also the spell slot level.

Class Features

As a blood hunter, you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per blood hunter level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + your Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + your Constitution modifier per blood hunter level after 1st


Armor: Light armor, medium armor, shields
Weapons: Simple weapons, martial weapons
Tools: Alchemist’s supplies
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence
Skills: Choose three from Athletics, Acrobatics, Arcana, History, Insight, Investigation, Religion, and Survival


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) a martial weapon or (b) two simple weapons
  • (a) a light crossbow and 20 bolts or (b) hand crossbow and 20 bolts
  • (a) studded leather armor or (b) scale mail armor
  • an explorer’s pack

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