Dnd 5e Weapon Tier List

Hello and welcome to a totally objective and not at all opinionated ranking of the edition dungeons and dragons players handbook weapons. Today we are going to write an article about dnd 5e weapons tier list. This is a totally legit 100% factual tier list of the weapons in the player’s handbook and today we … Read more

DnD 5E Coup de Grace (The best guide to rules)

In the previous/old versions of Dungeons and Dragons, the rules were allowed for the near-certain ability in order to kill a 5e helpless opponent. So known as a dnd 5e coup de grace, the mechanic for this specific slaying was written into the useful rules. You might get a question into your mind i.e., does … Read more

Lance Martial Melee Weapon 5E

Special: Being use of this Lance Martial Melee Weapon 5E you have some disadvantages when you would use this lance to attack the target within 5 feet of you. Also, the lance shall require two hands for the wield whenever you are not mounted.

Shortbow Simple Weapon 5E

Ammunition: As per this dnd 5e item you can use a weapon which has the Ammunition property in order to make the ranged attack only that if you have an ammunition for firing from the weapon. Of course each time that you attack with a weapon, you shall expend one piece of ammunition. By drawing … Read more