D&D 5E Creating Spells

Hello everyone! today we’re going to discuss about the D&D 5E Creating Spells ! this question was asked by many of our campaign members and other followers of us mostly by the wizard players. The other classes shall ask for the creation of dnd 5e spell, but the wizards are usually the first ones within … Read more

DnD 5E Spellcasting Focus

In dnd 5e player’s handbook, some of the characters have an ability to cast the spells by using dnd 5e spellcasting focus. Of course the book doesn’t do the great job of an explaining what it means, however. In any case from this article we are gonna cover what these items are, how they are … Read more

DnD 5E Copying Spells

Of course in d&d role playing game, the wizard is the much more powerful tool is having the gigantic list of different options for picking from. However this does not change in 5E; learning a huge spell list shall extremely be helpful upon your adventures like the Wizard. Al though, it’s the main aspect which … Read more

Dawn 5E Spell

School: Evocation Level: 5 Casting Time: 1 Action Range: 60 feet Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute Components: V, S, M (a sunburst pendant worth at least 100 gp) Save: constitution Damage Type: radiant The light of the dawn shall be shine down on the location that you specify within a particular range. Until unless … Read more

Primal Savagery 5E Spell In DnD

Hello everyone! welcome to dndtopics and thank you for supporting our website cantrip series spells. Today we’re going to be look at probably one of my favorite druid cantrips, dnd 5e spell primal savagery this thing is insane and is usable exclusively by the druid and it is found in the amazing xanathar’s guide to … Read more

Resistance 5E Spell

Hello everyone! Today our topic is about dnd 5e resistance spell which is usable the Cleric and the Druid and it is found in the good old players handbook so everyone should have access to this. Let’s take a quick look at some mechanics here. However if you would like to check some more interesting … Read more

Poison Spray 5E Spell

Hello magic practitioners of all shapes and sizes. Thank you for supporting our cantrip series, today we’re going to be taking a look at dnd 5e poison spray spell of the nauseous cloud cantrip usable by quite a few of the classes the Druid, Sorcerer, Warlock and Wizard and of course through extension anyone else … Read more

Produce Flame 5E Spell

Hello everyone! Welcome to dndtopics and thank you for supporting our cantrip series. Today we’re going to be looking at produce flame spell 5e. This fiery spell is usable only by the druid and anyone have access to their spell lists for you magic initiate out there. It is found in the players handbook so … Read more

Magic Stone 5E Spell

Hello there magic casters of all shapes and sizes. Welcome to the cantrip series, may i introduce to you magic stone usable by the Druid, Warlock and found in the fantastic Elemental Evil Player’s Companion. We have mentioned all of the official spells in one place you can check them from here. Let’s take a … Read more

Frostbite DnD Spell

Hello Magic practitioners of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my dndtopics website and thank you for choosing our website and supporting of our cantrip series. Let’s take a look at frostbite dnd 5e spell now. That’s interesting little gem is usable by the druid, sorcerer, warlock and wizard and of course through extension anyone … Read more