D&D 5E Starting Gold (Higher Levels)

Basically to determine your starting gold you have to roll the gold pool and then use it to obtain your primary equipment (original one). However if you have some money left with you after all these acquisitions would be your starting gold. So that, this specific option can work better if you’re unsatisfied by your … Read more

49 Ways To Spend Gold In DnD (Don’t Miss)

What do you spend money on in dnd 5e role playing game? From this article, i’am going to explain you 49 ways to spend gold in D&D. Of course there are so many ways to spend your wealth/economy in 5th edition role playing game. But i have taken some of them. Here i actually have … Read more

D&D How Much Gold Do You Start With

From this article we would like to explain how can you decide to have gold with you to start ? so that you can get some idea about d&d how much gold do you start with. So if you are eagerly waiting for this topic then you will definitely be getting more benefit from this … Read more

D&D 5E Bandore

These bandore items has other name called Pandora and it is a type of musical instrument. Actually, these bandore tools were bass-range musical instruments which is similar to citterns. Description Of D&D 5E Bandore Item Actually, the sound of these bandores was rich and even mellow, and of course it was able to reaching lower … Read more

DnD Drums 5E Item

Here the dnd 5e drum items were the type of instrument. Their value is 6 gp and weigh up to 3 lb (1.4kg). Basically, these were a group of percussion instruments dating back a so much long way and even they used by the many races. Description Of DnD Drums 5E Item All the drums … Read more

DnD 5E Sling Item

Ammunition: You cansimply use the weapon which has an ammunition property for simply making a ranged attack when only if you have an ammunition to fire from the weapon. Each and every time when you attack with a weapon that you expend a piece of an ammunition. But drawing the ammunition from the quiver, case, … Read more

Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern D&D

This dnd 5e Mac-Fuirmidh cittern was the masterwork magic cittern¬† and it is one of the best instruments of the bards. Here we have included all the information about this dnd 5e item and you can check it from below lines. So lets start the tutorial now. Description Of Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern D&D Item These Mac-Fuirmidh … Read more

Doss lute 5E Item

This doss lute 5e item is a type of instrument. It has some statistics such as, rarity: Uncommon; Attunement: Required (but the Bard only); weight: 2 lb(910g). Basically, this Doss lute 5e item was the magical masterwork lute with the multiple magical abilities. Actually, it was one of the instruments of the bards. From the … Read more

Canaith Mandolin DnD 5E

The Canaith mandolin dnd 5e item was the masterwork magic mandolin and it is also one of the best instruments of the bards. Description Of Canaith Mandolin 5E Item These Canaith mandolins items were 8-string mandolins. As other d&d instruments of the Bards, they could usually only be used in a proper way by the … Read more

D&D 5E Birdpipes

Actually, these d&d 5e birdpipes items has other names such as pan pipes, satyr pipes, shalm. They are a type of Musical instrument and they have 20 gp of value. Mostly, these birdpipes can also be called as shalm even though they have various names. They were¬† a type of pan pipes. However they were … Read more