Sweeping Attack 5E Maneuvers

Hello battle masters of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 15th choice of your battle master combat maneuvers. Today we’re going to be taking a look at sweeping attack which is absolutely perfect if you’re the kind of swordsman who just likes swinging and cleaving his way through several enemies in a single blow.

If this sounds like something you might like or something that really suits your character and their attitude let’s go over a sweeping attack. The description reads as followed.


Whenever you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack, you can expend a superiority die in order to attempt to damage an another creature with a same attack. Select an another creature within 5 feet of the original target and within your reach. Suppose, if the original attack roll would hit the second creature, then it takes damage equal to the number you rolled in your superiority die. Of course the damage is of the same type dealt by the original attack.

Oh man that is a wordy one i tell you. Let’s break it down in the overview section and kind of get the pros and cons out of this. So when you boil it down a beneath all that fluff.


Whenever you hit, expend a superiority die and you can damage an adjacent creature with a same attack. Using your superiority die.

So, that’s actually the way i word it is a little bit weird and the way the spell words it is a little bit weird too. So when it says same attack, it’s actually missed anomer. It’s the same attack action but it’s a different attack role.

So you still have to roll the hit same as usual. However it might also be worth noting that there’s a strong argument for you to be unable to add your damage modifier on to the second attacks damage. As it specifies that, the only damage is equal to a superiority role.

However, i would make an argument that if you had a weapon that was capable of doing extra damage like +1d6 fire damage or what have you. Then that damage would carry over to the new target as well. So i’d run it past your dm because as raw it says..it takes damage equal to the number you roll in the superiority die and that implies that it’s unmodified.

So i’d run it past your DM see what they think and then basic from that. Personally i would rule it as though the bonus did not apply you’re like proficiency strength what have you. That bonus did not apply. But the magical bonus would.

That’s my personal thoughts on it. Once again run a past your DM if this is something you’re planning on choosing. There’s a little bit of controversy surrounding it but it should be pretty yes or no answer.


In any case if you have any uses for this, if you think it’s great, not so much, if i might have missed anything. Please comment it down beneath in the comment section. I really do appreciate it and i really do love chatting with all you guys. That being said, have a great day and as always adventuring.

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