Urchin 5E Background

From this article we are going to be reading about the urchin dnd background which is found in the player’s handbook and if you haven’t check out the other helpful backgrounds and you’d like to check all of them that dungeons and dragons 5th edition has to offer you can check out the full table from going to this article. In any case let’s dive into the urchin by first going over its description.


In dnd backgrounds this urchin 5e is something different than the others. As per this you have grew up on various streets by alone, orphaned, and poor, you don’t even had no one to look at you about yourself or else to provide something for you. To overcome these types of situations you’ve learned to provide yourself.

You’ve had fought fiercely over the food and also kept the constant watch out for an other desperate souls those who’ve might steal from you.

By nature, you’ve slept on the rooftops and then in an alleyways, exposed to the elements, and also endured sickness without an advantage of the medicine or else a place to recuperate. You’ve been survived despite all odds, and also did so through the cunning, strength, speed, or some combination of each one.

You’ve begun your career as an adventurer with an enough money for living modestly but securely by thinking it should last for at least 10 days. But the question is How did you come by that money? What allowed you to break free of your desperate circumstances and embark on a better life? read the full article below you can get some idea!

  • Skill Proficiencies: Sleight of Hand, Stealth
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit, thieves’ tools
  • Languages: None
  • Equipment: A small knife, a map of the city you grew up in, a pet mouse, a token to remember your parents by, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

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Suggested Characteristics

These urchins in dnd were shaped by the lives of desperate the poverty, for good and for ill. Actually, they would tend to be driven by the commitment to the people by whom they’ve shared life on the street or else by a powerful desire for finding a better life and also maybe get some payback on all of the rich people those who had tread them badly in their earlier life..

Personality Traits

d8Personality Trait
1I hide scraps of food and trinkets away in my pockets.
2I ask a lot of questions.
3I like to squeeze into small places where no one else can get to me.
4I sleep with my back to a wall or tree, with everything I own wrapped in a bundle in my arms.
5I eat like a pig and have bad manners.
6I think anyone who's nice to me is hiding evil intent.
7I don't like to bathe.
8I bluntly say what other people are hinting at or hiding.


1Respect: All people, rich or poor, deserve respect. (Good)
2Community: We have to take care of each other, because no one else is going to do it. (Lawful)
3Change: The low are lifted up, and the high and mighty are brought down. Change is the nature of things. (Chaotic)
4Retribution: The rich need to be shown what life and death are like in the gutters. (Evil)
5People: I help the people who help me-that's what keeps us alive. (Neutral)
6Aspiration: I'm going to prove that I'm worthy of a better life. (Any)


D6Options For Bond
1My town or city is my home, and I'll fight to defend it.
2I sponsor an orphanage to keep others from enduring what I was forced to endure.
3I owe my survival to another urchin who taught me to live on the streets.
4I owe a debt I can never repay to the person who took pity on me.
5I escaped my life of poverty by robbing an important person, and I'm wanted for it.
6No one else should have to endure the hardships I've been through.


1If I'm outnumbered, I will run away from a fight.
2Gold seems like a lot of money to me, and I'll do just about anything for more of it.
3I will never fully trust anyone other than myself.
4I'd rather kill someone in their sleep then fight fair.
5It's not stealing if I need it more than someone else.
6People who can't take care of themselves get what they deserve.

Feature: City Secrets

You keep know all kind of secret patterns and also flow to the cities and even can find the passages through the urban sprawl which other would be missed. But whenever you’re not in the combat, you (and also some of the companions you lead) able to travel in between any two locations in a city twice as fast as your speed would’ve normally been allowed.

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