Selesnya Initiate Background 5E

Hello adventurers! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 45th episode of our background series. Today we’re going to be discussing about the Selesnya Initiate Background 5E. Which is found in the guildmaster’s guide to ravnica and these guys are a bunch of peace, loving shippies or may be not depends on how you identify with their beliefs. In any case if you are interested any other 5e backgrounds then here is our list you can check them too. In any case let’s dive into its description.


You’re the member of a blessed community, built upon the ideals of the harmony. However here, the nature and civilization coexist peacefully, living and also growing in an accordance with the will of the Worldsoul, Mat’Selesnya.

So, as a memebr of a Selesnya Conclave, you have been surrounded by the people and also some other creatures those who shares your worldview and also your longing for a deeper spiritual communion with the world and even you’ve the fervent desire in order to share the joy that you have some experienced with the Ravnica.

Along with the rest of a conclave and you’ve been committed for resisting a ambitions of the other guilds-with a military force if necessary.

Very cool stuff! Once again kind of a bunch of peace loving hippies. But i mean maybe that’s not a bad thing who knows, it’s definitely likely to lead to some rather interesting points of friction with other party members, especially since you guys are going to be a mass occurring kobolds like there is no tomorrow. In any case let’s take a look at their expanded spell list here.

Feature: Selesnya Guild Spells

Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic class feature

Here for you, the spells on the Selesnya Guild Spells table are already added to the spells list of your spellcasting class (but if you’re a multiclass character with the nultiple spell lists, then these spells are added to all of them.)

Spell LevelSpells
Cantripdruidcraft, friends
1staid, animal friendship, charm person
2ndanimal messenger, calm emotions, warding bond
3rdplant growth, speak with plants
4thaura of life, conjure minor elementals
5thawaken, commune with nature

Here the members of a Selesnya Conclave shall refer to their magic as “doruvati”,  a Sylvan word meaning “gift”. Whenever you use all these gifts of the Mat’Selesnya, graceful swirls of green and also the silver light dance within the air around you, and also the phantasmal green leaves might be waft via the air.

Of course a sensation of gentle warmth and also the smell of spring flowers or autumn leaves might accompany your spells.

Under cantrips you’ll gain both druidcraft and friends which is pretty interesting stuff. Druidcraft has a ton of interesting uses. Especially if you go with the herbalism kit i think that’s kind of where it’s most optimal. At first level you’ll also gain access to aid, animal friendship and charm person both of which are pretty good.

At second level animal messenger, calm emotions and warding bond. At third level you’ll gain plant growth and speak with plants and at fourth level aura of life, conjure minor elementals and you’ll gain two fifth level spells usually just get one but in this case you’ll gain awaken and commune with nature.

Neither of  which we’ve actually really gone in depth in this website yet. But you know it’s likely to happen soon. Awaken basically lets you imbue some form of intelligence into a plant. Which i mean based on the scenario might be pretty cool and good old commune with nature as a ritual that lets you become familiar within land, that is within three miles of you or underground within a limited radius of 300 feet.

Pretty good stuff! Arguably, in terms of standouts from this particular list. Druidcraft for sure, charmed person for sure, aid and clam emotions are amongst my favorite second level spells. Speak with plants can also be pretty interesting based on the circumstances. But outside of that i don’t particularly care for too too many of these.

However who knows you might a little bit different. Just be aware if you’re going to take this particular background you’re going to take a little bit of thunder away from the druid so just do bear that in mind of course. In any case let’s move on to its mechanics here.


Under skill proficiencies you’ll gain access to both nature and persuasion. Always nice to have both of them especially if you’re going to be out in the wilderness. Persuasion is just good in general and in terms of tool proficiencies you gain one type of artisan’s tools or one musical instrument. I feel like a lot of people are just going to pick the artisans tools i would strongly suggest going with the herbalist kit…just saying.

Under languages you can chose one of elvish, loxodon or sylvan. I feel like elvish is going to be the more popular choice bar none. However it might be worth chatting with your DM and see what you’ll run into more frequently.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Persuasion
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan’s tools or one musical instrument
  • Languages: Choose one of Elvish, Loxodon, or Sylvan
  • Equipment: A Selesnya insignia, a healer’s kit, robes, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 5 gp (Azorius 1-zino coins)

Taking a look at their equipment…you’ll gain the selesnya insignia, a healer’s kit, robes, a set of common clothes and a pouch containing 5 gp. Which is kind of below the average but once again you’re a peace love and hippie so you don’t really have a need for it i suppose you could say. And i mean with druid craft yeah foods kind of a plentiful thing. In any case let’s move on to its feature, this one is called Conclave’s Shelter.

Feature: Conclave’s Shelter

You’re the member of a Selesnya Conclave, of course you can count upon your guild mates for providing the shelter and also some aids. You and also your companions are able to find a particular place in order to hide or else the rest in any Selesnya enclave in the city. Unless, until you have already been proven to be a danger to them.

Particularly, the members of this enclave shall be shield you from a law or anyone else searching for you, though they shall not be risking their lives in this effort. So, even though, they shall not risk their lives in this effort. So, in an addition, like a guild member you can easily receive a free healing and also the care as a Selesnya enclave, even though you should provide any type of material components needed for spells.

This is really identical to a lot of the other ones we’ve covered whether or not it’s the acolyte or knight of the order or a handful of the ravnican backgrounds. So it’s not too too much to go over, naturally the more you do for the conclave, the better the rewards are gonna quit get and it gives the DM a great way to communicate quests and facilitate character arcs.

Very cool stuff! however i don’t really know what kind of quest the cells now would really do, maybe like protecting forests and stuff like that. Who knows it’s up to the DM, of course to work those details out. Now let’s move on to some suggested characteristics here.

Suggested Characteristics

Most of the members of the Selesnya Conclave are the true believers-the tight-knit community allows little room for the cynical or disillusioned. Of course they are spiritual, empathetic, and they are generally peaceful-unless roused to action. Basically, their flaws and their bonds are alike grow naturally from their close ties to their community.

Personality Trait

Under personality trait i went with “I feel the pains and joys of everyone around me, friend or foe.”

D8Personality Trait
1I never raise my voice or lose my temper.
2I feel the pains and joys of everyone around me, friend or foe.
3I would rather make a friend than thwart an enemy.
4I'm always straining to peer into another reality that seems to be just beyond my senses.
5I'm uneasy if I can't see plants growing or feel soil beneath my feet.
6Seeing illness or injury in any creature saddens me.
7I have much to be proud of, but I am still just one strand in the grand, interwoven tapestry of life.
8Nature offers rich and abundant metaphors for understanding the complexities of life.


Under ideal “Life: Preserving life and nature is always a worthwhile endeavor and this takes you towards the good alignment as you might imagine.”

1Guild: My guild is all that really matters. (Any)
2Harmony: Nothing is more beautiful than voices and actions aligned in common purpose. (Good)
3Order: Like a well-pruned tree, society thrives when everything is kept in good order. (Lawful)
4Life: Preserving life and nature is always a worthwhile endeavor. (Good)
5Humility: Ambition and pride are the roots of strife. (Good)
6Evangelism: When all have joined the Selesnya Conclave, Ravnica will finally know peace. (Any)


Under bond “I love beasts and plants of all kinds and i am loath to harm them.”

1I would give my life in the defense of the small enclave where I first encountered Mat'Selesnya.
2I love beasts and plants of all kinds, and am loath to harm them.
3A healer nursed me to recovery from a mortal illness.
4I'll sing the invitation of Mat'Selesnya with my dying breath.
5I cherish a leaf from Vitu-Ghazi that changes color with the seasons, even though it is no longer attached to the tree.
6Every member of the conclave is my kin, and I would fight for any one of them.


Under flaws ” I assume that people mean well until they prove me otherwise.” Once again just a peace love and hippie, that kind of sums them up.

1I'm terrified of getting into a fight where my side is outnumbered.
2I assume that people mean well until they prove otherwise.
3I enjoy comfort and quiet, and prefer to avoid extra effort.
4I have a fierce temper that doesn't reflect the inner calm I seek.
5I'm convinced that everyone else in the conclave has a deeper connection to the Worldsoul than I do.
6I'm trying to atone for the life of crime I led before I joined the Selesnya, but I find it hard to give up my bad habits.

I really like that personality trait of being kind of empathetic in that regard. Because it gives the calm emotion spell like that much more of an umph…i don’t know i kind of dig it also gives the dm a pretty good way to explain insight checks.

Because i find dungeon masters get kind of lazy with it. They’re like yeah and all that you feel like they’re telling the truth it’s like yeah but like i don’t know if an insight check would necessarily reveal that, right!

Like i think something a little bit better would be, they seem confident in their answer something like that. Let me know how you handle insight checks down beneath. Now let’s move on to my personal thoughts.


The selesnya initiate is pretty good, if you’re planning on playing more of a passive do girder type character. The only downside to this is depending on how far you take it i guess, you’re gonna start to run into points of friction with the group because murder and 5e is kind of just brushed off really quick and i’m not saying about murder hoboing.

I just like mean killing in general just kind of meh in 5e. Like you’re a streeter change. You’ve been alone your whole life blah blah blah you’ve been hard done by and then you transition from that to chopping the heads off knolls and kobolds like it’s no big deal.

I feel like, i don’t know once again maybe i’m just reading too much into it. But i feel like there’s gotta be like an intermediate step like you were traveling around and you spread a knoll and then later in that day you saw an old killing a child that was the same knoll and that helped you realize that you can never spare one of them.

 I feel like that kind of a small story would go a long way in terms of character development because i’ve been noticing like a lot of good characters are just like straight up brushing off murder like it’s just another day at the office you know!

I don’t know once again may be i’m thinking too much about it but that’s definitely a problem you’ll run into with the south not initiate at least assuming you’re kind of role-playing them how they’re meant to be, they’re also like incredibly collectivist. So it stands to reason that they’ll let their own kind of pressing issues fall to the wayside if the group determines otherwise so they kind of pushovers in that regard i guess you could say.


In any case let me know what you think of the selesnya initiate down beneath in the comment section. Be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns you have regarding them and of course if you have any ideas or stories of your own you’d like to include feel free to drop them down beneath as well. That being said guys, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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