Phlan Insurgent Background 5E

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Phlan insurgent 5e: Here the taking of a phlan by the Vorgansharax is a clean and clear memory in your mind. However you’re going about your everyday business whenever the green dragon’s forces shall be spilled out of a sewers and assailed your home.

Many of these Phlan’s citizens, young and also the old alike, were captured, killed, or even offered as the tribute for the Maimed Virulence. Al though you, yourself, were one of those captured. But basically, either with the help of adventurers or else via your own wits and sheer determination, that you escaped.

But rather than flee the region, that you’ve been selected to stay and fight. Here finding of refuge outside the town and also the deadly thicket surrounding it, you would strike out to against the Tears of the Virulence and also their monstrous allies.

However, you’ve been learned for surviving in the dire and also desperate circumstances, with the supplies those are running low and even the arrival of reinforcements uncertain. You’ve been grown up accustomed in order to acting under the cover of night, simply by dealing what shall blow you can to avenge the various friends and family that you lost within the currency that has been occupied phlan. You shall be drive Vorgansharax out, or you die trying.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Stealth, Survival
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan’s tools, vehicles (land)
  • Equipment: A bag of 20 caltrops, a small trinket that connects you to the life you once had before the occupation of Phlan, a healer’s kit, a set of dark common clothes that includes a cloak and hood, and a pouch containing 5gp


It has been removed from your life like a townsperson, you’ve been adopted for the rough life in the wilds surrounding Phlan. Anyway the trade you has been practiced still influences your outlook, and the manner in which you do approach the situations, and also the way that you do contribute for the resistance movement against to the Maimed Virulence.

You are capable of rolling on the below mentioned table in order to determine what your occupation was before a fall, or else select one which best fits your character (select from either the general column or the specific column, but not both).

d8Origin (General)Origin (Specific)
1FisherStojanow River worker
2HunterTwilight Marsh worker
3CraftspersonMantor’s Library scribe
4Priest/Priestess Clergy of Ilmater
5CookLaughing Goblin server
6City Watch Black Fist guard
7ServantHouse Sokol retainer
8Unskilled Laborer Bay of Phlan dockworker

Feature: Guerilla

As per this feature you’ve been come to know all about the surrounding forests, streams, caves, and also the other natural features in that you are able to take refuge – or else set up the ambushes. You could quickly do survey your environment for the advantageous features.

So, in an addition to that, you can also scavenge around your natural surroundings for the cobble together simple supplies (such as improvised torches, rope, patches of fabric, etc.) which are consumed after use.

Suggested Characteristics

You’ve been given up a life that you knew like a citizen of Phlan, However, a Maimed Virulence’s invasion resonates deep inside of you. Probably, you may have few friends or else family members those who were able for escape with you.

Or, probably, each and everyone you held dear either perished or else went missing during a fall. However, you may know about someone who is, against the all odds,  surviving within a thicket and even you long to liberate them from a life of peril within the town.

Personality Trait

d8Personality Trait
1My patience knows no bounds, so long as my goal is in sight.
2In life and in struggle, the ends justify my actions.
3If you aren’t helping me, you’d best at least stay out of my way.
4I long for the life that was taken away from me.
5Friends and family perished, tragically, before my eyes. I hope never to undergo that again.
6Making the right choices in life is important to me. The choices I make might save not just my life, but the lives of others as well.
7I can never allow my foes to get the drop on me.
8Time is a precious resource that I must spend wisely.


1Leadership: The oppressed need someone to inspire them to courageous acts. (Good)
2Unpredictability: Keeping the enemy guessing and off-balance is my tactical strength. (Chaos)
3Determination: Threats to my home must be eliminated at all costs. (Any)
4Freedom: Those who are enslaved and unjustly imprisoned deserve my aid. (Good)
5Resourcefulness: Our wits are our most valuable resource in troubled times. (Any)
6Unity: Working together, we can overcome all obstacles, even the most seemingly insurmountable ones. (Any)


1I’ll never let my fellow insurgents down. They are my only remaining friends.
2I was separated from a loved one during my escape from town. I will find them.
3One of the Tears of the Virulence was a trusted friend, until the day they betrayed the city. They will pay harshly for their transgressions.
4An item I hold close is my last remaining connection to the family I lost during the fall.
5The dragon who took my past life away from me will feel the full extent of my vengeance.
6The knowledge in Mantor’s Library is an irreplaceable treasure that must be protected.


1I have no respect for those who flee. I harbor a deep grudge against the citizens who abandoned Phlan.
2Ale is the only way I can escape the desperation of my circumstances.
3It doesn’t take much to get me into a fight.
4Being an insurgent means doing things that aren’t always ethical. I’m still learning to live with that.
5My desire to liberate Phlan oftentimes clouds my judgment, despite my best efforts.
6I relentlessly despise the Maimed Virulence and his allies. I’d abandon other goals in order to strike out at them.

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