Mulmaster Aristocrat 5E Background

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From your hilltop home, you have been looked down (literally and probably figuratively) however on an unwashed masses of the Mulmaster for the sake of your entire life. Probably your fur-trimmed robes and also the training in a visual and also the performing arts mark you like wealthy and probably well-born; Anyway you’re the member of a City of Danger’s aristocracy.

Of course none of your immediate family members sits on the Council of Blades or else it is even a Zor or Zora…yet. Of course Nevertheless, you’re one of the Mulmaster’s elite, and also whether you’re personally covet the higher standing or not, mainly you’re at home in the dance halls wherever the aristocracy gathers to plot, to scheme, to do business, to discuss the arts, and, above all, to see, and to be seen.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Performance
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of artistic artisan’s tools and one musical instrument
  • Equipment: One set of artisan’s tools or musical instrument, a set of fine clothes, and a purse containing 10 gp.
  • Lifestyle: Wealthy

Feature: Highborn

As per this feature the mulmaster is run by and also for its aristocracy. Of course each and every other class of the citizen in a city shall defers to you. And even the priesthood, Soldiery, Hawks, and Cloaks shall treat you with the deference.

Some of the other aristocrats and also the nobles may accept you in their circles and even it is likely to know you or of you. Probably, your connections could get you the ear of a zor or else the Zora under the right circumstances.

Note: This feature is a variant of the Noble feature.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Trait

d8Personality Trait
1My ambitions are boundless. I will be a Zor or Zora one day!
2I must always look my best.
3Beauty is everywhere. I can find it in even the homeliest person and the most horrible tragedy.
4Decorum must be preserved at all costs.
5I will not admit I am wrong if I can avoid it.
6I am extremely well-educated and frequently remind others of that fact.
7I take what I can today, because I do not know what tomorrow holds.
8My life is full of dance, song, drink, and love.


1Generous: I have a responsibility to help and protect the less fortunate. (Good)
2Loyal: My word, once given, is my bond. (Lawful)
3Callous: I am unconcerned with any negative effects my actions may have on the lives and fortunes of others. (Evil)
4Impulsive: I follow my heart. (Chaotic)
5Ignorant: Explanations bore me. (Neutral)
6Isolationist: I am concerned with the fortunes of my friends and family. Others must see to themselves. (Any)


1I have dedicated my wealth and my talents to the service of one of the city's many temples.
2My family and I are loyal supporters of High Blade Jaseen Drakehorn. Our fortunes are inexorably tied to hers. I would do anything to support her.
3Like many families who were close to High Blade Selfaril Uoumdolphin, mine has suffered greatly since his fall. We honor his memory in secret.
4My family plotted with Rassendyll Uoumdolphin brother usurped brother as High Blade. Betrayal is the quickest route to power.
5Wealth and power are nothing. Fulfillment can only be found in artistic expression.
6It's not how you feel, who you know, or what you can do - it's how you look, and I look fabulous.


1I have difficulty caring about anyone or anything other than myself.
2Having grown up with wealth, I am careless with my finances. I overspend and am overly generous.
3The ends (my advancement) justify any means.
4I must have what I want and will brook no delay.
5My family has lost everything. I must keep up appearances, lest we become a laughingstock.
6I have no artistic sense. I hide that fact behind extreme opinions and have become a trendsetter.

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