Mercenary Veteran 5E Background

Hello adventurers! welcome to the this is the series of dnd backgrounds. If you’re new to this series or haven’t checked out all of them yet please just click on the types of d&d backgrounds. In any case today we’re going to be taking a look at the dnd 5e mercenary veteran found in the sword coast adventurer’s guide. It’s a really interesting one. Mechanically fairly strong, the feature is nice as well and provides a ton of role play opportunities as well as plot hooks. Now without further ado let’s take a look at his description.


Being a sell-sword who has fought the battles for the sake of coin, that you’re well acquainted by keep risking life and also limb for the chance at the share of treasure . But now, you do look forward for the fighting foes and also even reaping the greater rewards like an adventurer.

In this veteran 5e your experience can make you familiar with some ins and also outs of the mercenary life, and even you likely to be have some harrowing stories of such events on the battlefield. You could have served by the largest outfit like the Zhentarim or else the soldiers of Mintarn, or else a smaller band of sell-swords, but might be more than one too. For reference you can check the “Mercenaries of the North” below section for a collection of possibilities.

Mercenary Veteran 5e Stats
  • Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Persuasion
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set, vehicles (land)
  • Languages: None
  • Equipment: A uniform of your company (traveler’s clothes in quality), an insignia of your rank, a gaming set of your choice, and a pouch containing the remainder of your last wages (10 gp)

Of course as a Mercenary veteran 5e now you’re looking for something else, probably the greater reward for the sake of risks that you do take or you’ve already taken too, or else the freedom to select your own activities. So that for whatever reason, you’re also leaving the behind the life of the soldier for hire, but of course your skills that are undeniably suited for this specific battle, so that now you do fight on in a variety way.

Suggested Characteristics Of DnD Mercenary Veteran

For Mercenary background 5e suggested characteristics you can also use the table of soldier dnd 5e background like the basis for your traits and also motivations, modifying the entries whenever it appropriate to suit your identity. Or you can follow the below mentioned tables too.

Personality Traits

D8Personality Traits
1I'm always polite and respectful.
2I'm haunted by memories of war. I can't get the images of violence out of my mind.
3I've lost too many friends, and I'm slow to make new ones.
4I'm full of inspiring and cautionary tales from my military experience relevant to almost every combat situation.
5I can stare down a hell hound without flinching.
6I enjoy being strong and like breaking things.
7I have a crude sense of humor.
8I face problems head-on. A simple, direct solution is the best path to success.


1Greater Good: Our lot is to lay down our lives in defense of others. (Good)
2Responsibility: I do what I must and obey just authority. (Lawful)
3Independence: When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a kind of tyranny. (Chaotic)
4Might: In life as in war, the stronger force wins. (Evil)
5Live and Let Live: Ideals aren't worth killing over or going to war for. (Neutral)
6Nation: My city, nation, or people are all that matter. (Any)


1I would still lay down my life for the people I served with.
2Someone saved my life on the battlefield. To this day, I will never leave a friend behind.
3My honor is my life.
4I'll never forget the crushing defeat my company suffered or the enemies who dealt it.
5Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.
6I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.


1The monstrous enemy we faced in battle still leaves me quivering with fear.
2I have little respect for anyone who is not a proven warrior.
3I made a terrible mistake in battle cost many lives – and I would do anything to keep that mistake secret.
4My hatred of my enemies is blind and unreasoning.
5I obey the law, even if the law causes misery.
6I'd rather eat my armor than admit when I'm wrong.

Of course, your bond can be associated with a company that you already have traveled with previously, or else with some of comrades that you’ve served with. Actually, the ideal that you embrace could largely depends upon your worldview and also your motivation for fighting.

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Feature: Mercenaries Of The North

There are many Mercenary 5e companies do operate up and down the sword coast and of course throughout the north. But most of them are small-scale operations which employs from a dozen to a hundred folk those whoever could offer their security services, brigands and also the hunt monsters, or else go to the war in an exchange for the gold.

Although, some of the organizations like Zhentarim, Flaming Fist, and also the nation of Mintarn can have hundreds and thousands of the members and can provide the private armies to those whoever with sufficient funds. We have explained some of the organizations which are operating in the North.

The Chill: This chill organization is the cold and also mysterious lurkwood can serves like the home of the numerous groups of goblinoids which have had banded together into a tribe known as chill. Unlike unless the most of their kind and also the chill refrains from raiding the people in north and also maintains relatively good relationships so that they capable to hire them selves out of as the warriors. But few of the city-states which are located in the north area are willing to be field an army alongside the chill, but of course several of them are happy to be quietly pay the chill for being battle the Uthgardt, ores, trolls of the Evermoors, and also the other threats for civilization.

Silent Rain: As per this Silent Rain organization consisting the solely of elves, this silent rain is the legendary mercenary company which is operating out of the Evereska. By normally caring a little for the gold or about fame, the Silent Rain agrees only for the jobs which could either promote elven causes or involve destroying the ores, gnolls, and so like. Actually, the Prospective employers should have to leave the written word (in the script of Elvish language) near by the Evereska and also the silent rain could send a representative if it is interested.

The Bloodaxes: This organization has been founded in the Sundabar which is nearly two hundred years ago, also these bloodaxes were originally a group of the dwarves outcast from their clans for the sake of crimes which are against to the teachings of Moradin Soulforger.

Thay have begun to hiring out like the mercenaries to whoever in the north would pay them. Since that particular time the mercenary company has been broadened all its membership for other races, but each and every member was an exile, criminal or the misfit of some sort looking for the fresh start and also the new family among the bold Bloodaxes.

Feature: Mercenary Life

You’ve full of knowledge about this d&d Mercenary life as like only someone those whoever have experienced it can. You are also able to identify the mercenary companies by their emblems and also you do know the little regarding any such company, including their names, and also reputations of its commanders and even leaders, and those whoever has hired them recently.

You can also have a chance to find out the taverns and festhalls wherever the mercenaries abide in any of their areas, but as long as you do speak the language. You can even find the mercenary work in between the adventures sufficient for maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

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