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Hello adventurers! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 29th episode of our background series. Today i have a real painful memory in store for all of you. So, if you weren’t playing dnd when wayfinder’s guide to eberron was released or if you weren’t particularly involved in any forums back then. You’ll kind of know probably already what i’m talking about here.

But in any case you don’t when wayfinder’s guide to eberron was kind of being teased out there was a lot that it was supposed to have with it namely an extra dozen backgrounds or so and i was super pumped up about that and so were a lot of other people who are really fascinated with the lore of eberron.

So there is like a lot of fan theories a lot of like homebrew ideas for what these backgrounds might be as they relate to the individual houses. All that good stuff and a lot of them are like really interesting and i am thoroughly out of the loop when it comes to eberron lore. But a lot of people who play kind of the online dungeons and dragons game they were really passionate about it.

In any case when this book was released i felt this thoroughly disappointed at least in relation to the backgrounds i was probably less morally affected or less emotionally affected than a lot of the other people that i was chatting with. Because it i don’t know there was a lot they could have done that they didn’t do speaking about wizards of the coast but whatever it is what it is.

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So i’m gonna blank it all of the 13 house agent backgrounds into one article. Why can i do that you may ask because they are all basically the same thing.

The only real difference is between them at least as so far as the raw mechanics is the tool proficiencies are a little bit different between each of the houses.

Once again i was just disappointed but there were a lot of people i spoke with who were genuinely upset about. Well it’s something that they’re passionate about that ended up really amounting to nothing so all their time spent theorizing and fan crafting was not really rewarded to any capacity like even looking at the list like i can see why wizards of the coast made them all separate.

But it just left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth in any case i’m gonna stop talking about that i’m just gonna call them all the house agent. Let’s move on to the description which is universal goddamn.


As a d&d 5e house agent you had the sworn fealty for the dragonmarked house. Though, if you have the dragonmark, you’re likely to be a member of one of those house’s which has influential families;  or else you’re an outsider those who can hope to make your fortune via this house.

Normally, your main task is to be serving like the eyes of your house, but al though you can be called on any time for acting like its hand. Such type of missions are perilous but lucrative.

Your HouseHouse Tool Proficiencies
CannithAlchemist's supplies and tinker's tools
DeneithOne gaming set and vehicles (land)
GhallandaBrewer's supplies and cook's utensils
JorascoAlchemist's supplies and herbalism kit
KundarakThieves' tools and tinker's tools
LyrandarNavigator's tools and vehicles (air and sea)
MedaniDisguise kit and thieves' tools
OrienOne gaming set and vehicles (land)
PhiarlanDisguise kit and one musical instrument
SivisCalligrapher's tools and forgery kit
TharashkOne gaming set and thieves' tools
ThuranniOne musical instrument and poisoner's kit
VadalisHerbalism kit and vehicles (land)

Feature: Role

Normally this feature can helps you to always capable of gathering any type of information for your house. But whenever a baron able to gives you a particular mission, such as what sort of work do you do? For understanding it in an easy way the below mentioned House Agent Role table gives possibilities.

D8House Agent Role
3Research & Development
8Covert Operations

They provide a nice little d8 table to what you might be feel free to roll it come up with your own whatever just speak with your DM about it and i’ll hopefully provide you with some guidance. Now let’s move on to the mechanics here.


The skill proficiencies are universal amongst the houses you gain investigation and persuasion which are perfectly fine skills. Under tool proficiencies this one is for a house gain access to alchemist’s supplies and tinker’s tools which are really good and arguably some of my favorite tools in the game.

Under equipment you gain a set of fine clothes, a house signet ring, identification papers and a purse containing 20 gold piece. Which is double the average which is really nice. Taking a glance at the mechanics overall they’re fine you know they’re pretty good arguably one of the stronger set of mechanics we’ve had.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Persuasion
  • Tool Proficiencies: Two proficiencies from the House Tool Proficiencies table
  • Languages: None
  • Equipment: A set of fine clothes, house signet ring, identification papers, and a purse containing 20 gp.

Now let’s take a look at the feature..this one is called house connections and it’s the same for all of the backgrounds.

Feature: House Connection

Being an agent of your house, you can always gather food and also lodging for your sake and also your friends at the house enclave. Whenever the house would be assign you a mission, It actually will provide you by a necessary supplies and also the transportation.

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But beyond this, you have had many of the old friends, mentors, and rivals in your house, and of course you may be encountered for one of them whenever you interact by a house business. Actually, the degree for which such type of acquaintances are to be willing to help you depends upon your current standing in your house.

Which makes sense…this is a fine feature overall. I have zero complaints about it. Provides you with lodging and food out of the gate which is really nice. Also provides you with supplies and transportation which is great and in addition to that you get some backing in the form of the other members of the guild or a house rather that are willing to help you based on your standing within the house.

It’s really good stuff! doesn’t really rule out any options such as combat which is super great. Making it one of the stronger features we’ve encountered so far. Although it is worth speaking with your DM about just because a lot of its theme towards your local house right.

So you might want to make it so in your game world the houses are widespread and exist in most major cities or something to that effect. Just to make sure it’s always a relevant feature. Now let’s move on to some suggested characteristics here.

Suggested Characteristics

In this house agent 5e background all of the house agents are the diverse. You must take the house that you serve and also the work you do during selecting the characteristics into consideration.

Personality Traits

For the personality trait “I’m always looking to improve efficiency.”

D8Personality Trait
1I 'm always looking to i mprove efficiency.
2I love to share trivia about my house's business.
3I never forget an insult against me or my house.
4I'm enthusiastic about everything my house does.
5I represent my house and take pride in my looks.
6I'm critical of monarchies and limits on the houses.


Under ideal “Innovation. Abandoning old traditions and finding a better ways to do things. And this will take you war towards them chaotic direction.”

1Common Good: My house serves a vital function, and its prosperity will help everyone. (Good)
2Tradition: I uphold traditions of my house and bring honor to my family. (Lawful)
3Innovation: Abandon old traditions and find better ways to do things. (Chaotic)
4Power: I want to ensure the prosperity of my house and wield its power myself. (Evil)
5Discovery: I want to learn all I can, both for my house and for my own curiosity. (Any)
6Comfort: I want to ensure that me and mine enjoy the best things in life. (Any)


Under bond “My host must evolve and i’ll lead the evolution.”

1My house is my family. I would do anything for it.
2I love someone from another house, but the relationship is forbidden.
3Someone I love was killed by a rival faction within my house, and I wil l have revenge.
4I don't care about the house as a whole, but I would do anything for my old mentor.
5My house must evolve, and I'll lead the evolution.
6I'm determined to impress the leaders of my house, and to become a leader myself.


Under flaw “My secret could get me expelled from my house.”

1I'm fixated on fol lowing official protocols.
2I'm obsessed with conspiracy theories and worried about secret societies and hidden demons.
3My house and blood line make me the best!
4My secret could get me expelled from my house.
5My religious beliefs aren't widespread in my house.
6I'm working for a hidden faction in my house that gives me secret assignments.

I really like this, overall because it kind of tells a story right! You’re looking to improve things make them better just overall push your house into the future where you think it needs to be. however your ideals might conflict directly with the current ruling party or maybe even the house in general.

So if anyone else figures out that you have this almost rebellious inhibition, they’re likely to punish you for it and boot you from house because who needs that much chaos. That being said, your DM might have another secret for you or you might have another idea yourself.

That being said, it’s pretty good, i like it leads to some interesting plot hooks and leads to some interesting character interactions for sure. Now let’s get to my personal thoughts on it.


If you can’t tell by what i said in the beginning. The house agents as a whole i’m just disappointed with. Not because of them as individuals because that’s a different story. But just in a general sense i don’t like what wizards of the coast did. However if i’m looking at the house agent as a background objectively it’s quite good.

Individual mileage may vary based on the tool proficiencies you have but overall they’re all quite strong. Investigation and persuasion are great skills to be proficient in. Tool proficiencies are always just nice in general.

The equipment’s kind of meh but you do gain essentially double the average gold which is great. The feature if it’s workshopped properly is top tier and the suggested characteristics are relatively interesting and of themselves.

Would i recommend a buying wayfinder’s guide to eberron depends on how much you like the setting i guess there are a lot of people who are really obsessed with the eberron and with good reason to be there’s a lot of lore there.

That being said, if you’re familiar with all the lore is getting the book gonna provide anything new, i don’t know kind of depends on you i guess and what you already know. I have it, i like it, i’ve used it a handful of times but to a player who’s not planning on dming a whole lot, i don’t know there are other ways to gain access to the player-based information within that book. One of which is this website but there’s some more online forums that would do it.

In any case yeah i don’t know i’m always for supporting wizards of the coast but this particular book rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.


Let me know what you think down beneath in the comment section. Be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns you have regarding it. As well as any cool stories or ideas or tidbits about eberron you’d like to share with the rest of the community. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring everyone.

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