Hillsfar Smuggler Background 5E

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Hillsfar smuggler background: This Hillsfar is one of the most beautiful city of trades. Anyway, the Great Law of Trade shall be protected the “legitimate” trade, The trade which passes via a city’s sole gate, such as the Red Plumes monitor and tax. And also the Great Law of Humanity banishes the non-humans from the city altogether.

However here the two Great Laws create great demand and great risk for the smugglers, those who has been shepherd illicit the goods and also a non-humans into and also out of the city by the secret routes. Of course, the Rogues Guild tightly controls all of this activity, it is taking its cut from sanctioned jobs and also exacting punishment for an independent jobs.

Of course, probably you’ve been trafficked the Dragon’s Breath (a brandy-like liquor) for avoiding the tariffs or else contraband in order to avoid the seizure, or else maybe you’re one of a humans those who sympathizes with a non-humans and it worked as a part of a network of the secret routes and it is safer houses which helps them to pass via the Hillsfar.

But either way, you have to contacts within a smuggling community those who could help you to slip into and out of the city unnoticed, for a price.

  • Skill Proficiencies. Perception, Stealth
  • Language Proficiencies. One racial language
  • Tool Proficiencies. Forgery kit
  • Equipment. A forgery kit, a set of common clothes, a belt pouch, and 5 gp
  • Lifestyle. Modest

Feature: Secret Passage

As per this feature, you can call upon your contacts within the smuggling community in order to secure either the secret passage into or out of Hillsfar for yourself and also your adventuring companions, but no questions have asked, and also no Red Plume entanglements.

Just because you’re calling in a favor, so you can not be certain that they would be capable of helping on your timetable or else at all. Even though, your DM shall be determined whether you could either be smuggled into or else out of the city. In return for your passage, you and your companions might owe the Rogue’s Guild a favor and/or might have to pay bribes.

Note: This feature is a variant of the Sailor feature.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Trait

d8Personality Traitt
1When I'm not smuggling, I gamble.
2I just love Halfling cooking and baking!
3I party with dwarves whenever I can.
4I'm a terrible singer, but I love to do it.
5I was raised to honor Chauntea and still do.
6The blood sports of the Arena sicken me.
7I think non-humans are really interesting.
8I exaggerate the tales of my exploits.


1Fair: I think everyone deserves to be treated fairly. I don't play favorites. (Lawful)
2Impulsive: Planning is often a waste of time. No plan survives contact with reality. It's easier to dive in and deal with the consequences. (Chaotic)
3Curious: I want to learn as much as I can about the people and places I encounter. (Any)
4Prepared: I think success depends on preparing as much as possible in advance. (Any)
5Respectful: I think everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their race, creed, color, or origin. (Good)
6Corrupt: I will break the law or act dishonestly if the money is right. (Evil)


1I am loyal to the Rogues Guild and would do anything for them.
2I love the city of Hillsfar and my fellow Hillsfarians, despite the recent problems.
3I admire the elves. I help them whenever I can.
4A gnome helped me once. I pay the favor forward.
5I enjoy tricking the Red Plumes at every opportunity.
6I smuggled agricultural goods for non-human farmers. I try to help them when I can.


1My hatred for the Red Plumes burns so brightly that I have difficulty suppressing It around them.
2The Red Plumes caught me once before, and I was branded for my crime. If they catch me again, for any offense, the punishment will be dire.
3I treat all Hillsfarans poorly. I am disgusted with their failure to revolt against the Great Law of Humanity.
4I have difficulty trusting strangers. Anyone could be a spy for the authorities.
5I am greedy. There Isn't much I won't do for money.
6I'm an informant for the Red Plumes. They let me continue my activities, so long as I pass them information about illegal activity in Hillsfar.

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