DnD 5E Hillsfar Merchant

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Before you become an adventurer, you’re one of the most successful merchant operating out Hillsfar, the city of trade. Probably, your family is operated different warehouses, organized caravans, managed stores, or owned a ship and also has different trade contacts in the whole Moonsea region, as well as up and down the length of the Sword Coast.

So, probably, they shall import ore, uncut gems, untreated furs, or grain into the City of Trade, or they would export fine cloth, faceted gems, fine furs, or Dragon’s Breath, a brandy-like liquor. Regardless of this, you own a largely given that particular life up for some of the reasons and have been selected in order to seek adventure instead.

But nevertheless, the particular training that you’ve been received then, and probably some of the contacts you made, serve you well as an adventurer.

  • Skill Proficiencies. Insight, Persuasion
  • Tool Proficiencies. Vehicles (land) and vehicles (water)
  • Equipment. A fine set of clothes, a signet ring, a letter of introduction from your family’s trading house, and a purse containing 25 gp.
  • Lifestyle. Wealthy

Feature (choose one)

Feature: Factor

Even though, you’ve left the day-to-day life of a merchant behind, however your family has been assigned you the services of the loyal retainer from a specific business, a factor, husbanding agent, seafarer, caravan guard, or clerk. So, this individual is one of the commoners those who are able to perform various mundane tasks for you like making purchases, delivering messages, and running errands.

Anyway he or she would not fight for you and even shall not follow you into an obviously dangerous areas (like dungeons), and also will leave if it is frequently endangered or abused. If he or she has been killed, the family may assigns you another within a few days.

Note: This feature is a variant of the Noble Knight’s Retainers feature.

Alternate Feature: Trade Contact

You and also your family have some trade contacts like the caravan masters, shopkeepers, sailors, artisans, and farmers throughout the Moonsea region and all along the Sword Coast too. However, once per a game session, whenever adventuring in either of those areas.

Anyway you are able to utilize those contacts in order to get any type of information regarding to a local area or to pass a message to someone in those areas, even at across the greatest distances between the two areas.

Note: This feature is a variant of the Criminal Contact and Researcher features.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Traits

d8Personality Traits
1I fill my evenings with wine or mead and song.
2I greatly admire gladiators and enjoy the Arena.
3I take my wealth for granted. It seldom occurs to me that others aren't rich themselves.
4I leave broken hearts all around the Moonsea and up and down the Sword Coast.
5I work hard and seldom make time for fun.
6I am a particularly devout and pray often.
7The Red Plumes caught me once. I hate them.
8I ask a lot of questions to get information about those with whom I am working and dealing.


1Frugal: I spend my money very carefully. (Lawful)
2Profligate: I tend to spend extravagantly. (Chaotic)
3Honest: I deal with others above board. (Any)
4Sharp: I seek to make the best deal possible. (Any)
5Charitable: I give generously to others. (Good)
6Greedy: I do not share my wealth with others. (Evil)


1I am fiercely loyal to those with whom I work.
2I must uphold the good name of my family.
3I will prove myself to my family as an adventurer.
4Deals are sacrosanct. I never go back on my word.
5I love making deals and negotiating agreements.
6I guard my wealth jealously.


1I am a braggart. I promote myself shamelessly.
2I am vain. I always wear the latest fashions.
3I am a glutton. I eat and drink to excess.
4I am a snob. I want only the finest things in life.
5I am lazy. I want others to take care of everything.
6I am overconfident. I overestimate my abilities.

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