Gladiator Background 5E

Today from this article we are gonna be going over the Gladiator Background 5E found in the PHB. This one’s pretty interesting. Really weird, really interesting and if your dm’s flexible enough you can make this really about any tribe.

So it’s really cool, if you haven’t seen our full backgrounds list yet and you would like to then go to this page to see all the updated dnd 5e official backgrounds. Now without further ado let’s take a moment and dive into the description from down below here.


In dnd backgrounds these gladiators 5e turn combat into the art form. Because the other fighters hone their specific skills purely to get their job done, basically these gladiators would combine martial prowess by the crows pleasing.

Any how, these gladiators do love nothing more than pulling the big audience for a fight and even challenging their equals to one-on-one combat. While these fighters were certainly unconventional adventurers they tend to make some friends and also fans as easily as they can.

Normally, these gladiator background 5e are battle for entertainment of raucous crowds. Actually, some of the gladiators are brutal pit fighters those who treat each match like a life-or-death struggle, but the others are professional duelists those who command huge fees but rarely fight to the death.

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Suggested Characteristics :

Personality Traits

D12Personality Traits
1I strongly dislike one type of wild beasts (bears, wolves, lions, etc) that i once faced in combat.
2I try to infuse my actions with a theatrical flourish, but will never admit that my showmanship is anything but genuine.
3I only ever speak about myself in the third person.
4I have a short catch phrase which i try to use in battle (and sometimes
5I insist that others always (or never) call me by my ring name and will correct them whenever they do otherwise.
6I pretend to be from a foreign land even though i actually grew up nearby (or vice versa).
7I often use large, important sounding words when speaking, even if i do not always know what the words actually mean.
8I am prone to telling stories of my past arena combats, even to people who have heard the same stories many times before.
9I love a good insult, even one directed at me.
10I get bitter if i'm not the center of attention.
11I give combat pointers to nearly everyone i meet.
12I'm confident in my own abilities and do what i can to install confidence in others


1Freedom: Now that I have gained my independence, I will never submit again.
2Championship: I turn everything I do into a competition and I always strive to win.
3Exaltation: The roar of the crowd chanting my name is all I need to be reinvigorated.(Good)
4Greed: I'm only in it for the money and fame. (Evil)
5Camaraderie: I treasure the friendship and fraternity of my fellow gladiators above all else. (Lawful)
6Anonymity: I have grown tired of fame and fighting and wish now to put my past behind me. (Neutral)
7Friendship: Material goods come and go. Bonds of friendship last forever. (Good)
8Ambition: History remembers the great, and i want to be remembered. (Any)


1A foe that i once humiliated in the arena has swam vengeance against me (or vise versa)
2I have sworn to oppose to oppose the person, organization, or government that forced me into the gladiatorial life.
3I have owed to protect the family of a fellow gladiator that i once fought with.
4I escaped from gladiatorial service and are now pursued relentlessly by my old masters.
5I have visions of my brutal death, and live to undo the prophecy.
6Though i has no choice, i lament having to leave my loved one(s) behind. I hope to see them again one day.
7I will always make for the most dangerous foe.
8I want to be famous, whatever it takes.


1I have become so immersed in your gladiatorial persona that I now have a hard time separating yourself from it.
2 I can be short-sighted and myopic, pursuing a single goal tenaciously, while overlooking other peripheral matters.
3 I have a tendency to be unintentionally insulting or boastful.
4 I sometimes overestimate my abilities due to years of theatrically manufactured success.
5 I feel like a fraud and fear that your fans will discover that most of my victories were fixed.
6 I have a hard time trusting people, feeling that everyone is always trying to use you in some way.
7I will do anything to win fame and renown.
8I'm horribly jealous of anyone who outshines my performance in combat

Bonus Proficiency

Actually, the bonus proficiency starts at 3rd level and you gain proficiency in performance.

Crowd Pleaser

So to make saving throws, starting at 3rd level, your galdiator features normally requires enemy creatures and then they can make saving throws.

The simple method to calculate saving throw DC is shown below:

Gladiator save DC = 8 + your proficiency modifier + your charisma modifier

Arena Expert

Whenever you do chose this type of archetype at the level of 3rd, and then you gain proficiency in on of your chosen skills from the following: Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Insight, Intimidation, or the performance.

Fight To Win

By starting at 3rd level, you’ve learned to fight up to close and personal and even in finding any opportunity to strike. You can also use your bonus action for attempting to either grapple or shove a creature.

Mano A Mano

Starting at 3rd level, you can able to use your bonus action for challenging a creature which is within 15 foot to a one on one fight. Basically, that creature should make a wisdom saving throw. But whenever if that saving throw fails, until that creature would take damage from a creature friendly to you and you use this feature again and of course it has reduced to 0 hit points (HP) it has disadvantage on the attack rolls against to the creatures other than you and even you add your charisma modifier whenever you deal weapon damage to it.

Spectacle Fighter

Starting at 7th level, you’ve been mastered in the use of brawn to awe spectators and for being intimidate your foes. Actually, when you make either a charisma (intimidation) or a charisma (performance) check, you can gain a bonus to the check which is equal to your strength modifier.

So, in an addition, you would gain advantage on the saving throws against being frightened.

Roar Of The Crowd

Starting at 7th level, whenever you score a critical hit each of your friendly creature within 30 feet by an intelligence score of 4 or more than 4 can able to use their reaction to cheer for your sake. All of the enemy creatures within 30 feet of you should make a constitution saving throw.

Suppose, if they do fail then they take 1d4+your charisma modifier thunder damage per each friendly creature which is cheered. But if they succeed they take half that damage.

You’re Next

Starting at 10th level, you able to make an example out of your victims in an order to demoralize your enemies. But whenever you make a melee weapon attack against a creature, if you score a critical hit or else reduce the creature to 0 hit points, you can even force each and every creature of your choice within 30 feet of the victim to make a wisdom saving throw (DC8+your charisma modifier+ your proficiency bonus).

But on a failed save, a creature has frightened of your for a specific duration (almost 1 minute). A creature have a chance to repeat the saving throw at each of its ending turn and ending the effect on itself on a success.

So once you do use this feature and you must finish either a short or a long est before you get capability to use it again.

Build The Heat

Starting at 10th level, while a creature was under the effect of your Mano a Mano feature it has the resistance for all the damage given to it by a source other than you and also vulnerability for all damage you deal to it.

Cull The Weak

Starting at 15th level, you’re immune for being frightened and also you’ve an advantage on the attack rolls against creatures which are frightened.

Signature Move

Starting at 15th level, you can chose any one of the following abilities. Of course you can even use this ability against to any creature under the affect of your Mano a Mano feature. After you have completed the short or long rest you can use this ability again. The abilities are as follows:

Big Drop: In the place one of your regular attacks you able to leap up to 15 feet and make a weapon attack too. Suppose, if you hit the attack is a critical and the creature has been stunned until the end of its next turn.

Choke Out: In the place one of your regular attacks you able to make an attempt to grapple. Any how, if you’re successful and also the creature needs to breathe to live it should make a constitution saving throw at the very start of each of its turns whenever it grappled or else go unconscious for a minute.

Toss Up: In a specific place of one of your regular attacks you can easily make an attempt to knock your opponent off its feet with a force of your blow. But if you get succeed you can easily chose to throw that particular creature at anywhere but within 30 feet of its current location. Finally, whenever it lands the creature will take 5d10 force damage and is prone.

Arena Champion

Starting at 18th level, you can easily able to grapple or shove creatures which are not more than two sizes larger than you.

Big Finish

Starting at 18th level, you too do trigger your roar of the crowd feature whenever you make to reduce an enemy creature to 0 hp.

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