Far Traveler 5E Background

Today we are taking a look at far traveler dnd 5e background which is fairly similar to lot of other backgrounds namely outlander i believe is almost carbon copy of this with a couple tweaks here and there at least thematically they’re very similar. In any case far traveler background is found in the sword coast adventurers guide and pretty much is what it says it is if that makes sense. In any case let’s take a look at it’s description below. However if you would like to check all of our different dnd backgrounds then go with this link.

Usually, when it comes to  it the question arise is where are you from? that means the vital decision which is in creating this has been determining your best homeland. We have discussed all the places here you can check them now from this article.

Do you know far traveler 5e background has variety of features rather than other dnd backgrounds. If you played with other backgrounds but not with this then you must try it along with your DM. Then you will get much excited with it than the others.

We’re gonna explain you about it by providing all relevant topics regarding to it which are mentioned in the sword coast adventurer’s guide. So check out our best guidance on this.

Overview Of Far Traveler D&D 5E

As per the far traveler 5e nearly all of the common people and other folk which one might’ve encountered along either in the sword coast or else in the north one thing have in common: they do commonly live out their lives but without ever been traveling far than few miles its start from where they’d born.

Even though! you are not one of those folk’s.

You’re from the distant place and also one so remote which is few of the common folk in the north realize where it was exists and also got good chances which are even if some of the peoples that you meet have heard of your homeland and of course they do know merely the name and probably a few outrageous stories.

For the sake of your own reasons only you’ve come to this part of Faerûn and those reasons were like you might or might not choose to share from them.

Even though, you’ve no doubts in finding some of this land ways to be strange and also discomfiting, of course you can also to be sure about some things its people would take for granted will be to you new wonders which you’ve never ever been laid eyes on before.

With the same token, you’re the person of interest, for good or ill, for those around you almost anywhere you actually go.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception
  • Tool Proficiencies: Any one musical instrument or gaming set of your choice, likely something native to your homeland
  • Languages: Any one of your choice
  • Far traveler 5e Equipment: One set of traveler’s clothes, any one musical instrument or gaming set you are proficient with, poorly wrought maps from your homeland that depict where you are in Faerûn, a small piece of jewelry worth 10 gp in the style of your homeland’s craftsmanship, and a pouch containing 5 gp

Suggested Characteristics

Far traveler 5e Personality Traits

D6Personality Traits
1I have different assumptions from those around me concerning personal space, blithely invading others' space in innocence, or reacting to ignorant invasion of my own.
2I have my own ideas about what is and is not food, and I find the eating habits of those around me fascinating, confusing, or revolting.
3I have a strong code of honor or sense of propriety that others don't comprehend.
4I express affection or contempt in ways that are unfamiliar to others.
5I honor my deities through practices that are foreign to this land.
6I begin or end my day with small traditional rituals that are unfamiliar to those around me.


1Open. I have much to learn from the kindly folk I meet along my way. (Good)
2Reserved. As someone new to these strange lands, I am cautious and respectful in my dealings. (Lawful)
3Adventure. I'm far from home, and everything is strange and wonderful! (Chaotic)
4Cunning. Though I may not know their ways, neither do they know mine, which can be to my advantage. (Evil)
5Inquisitive. Everything is new, but I have a thirst to learn. (Neutral)
6Suspicious. I must be careful, for I have no way of telling friend from foe here. (Any)


1So long as I have this token from my homeland, I can face any adversity in this strange land.
2The gods of my people are a comfort to me so far from home.
3I hold no greater cause than my service to my people.
4My freedom is my most precious possession. I'll never let anyone take it from me again.
5I'm fascinated by the beauty and wonder of this new land.
6Though I had no choice, I lament having to leave my loved ones behind. I hope to see them again one day.


1I am secretly (or not so secretly) convinced of the superiority of my own culture over that of this foreign land.
2I pretend not to understand the local language in order to avoid interactions I would rather not have.
3I have a weakness for the new intoxicants and other pleasures of this land.
4I don't take kindly to some of the actions and motivations of the people of this land, because these folk are different from me.
5I consider the adherents of other gods to be deluded innocents at best, or ignorant fools at worst.
6I have a weakness for the exotic beauty of the people of these lands.

Feature: Why Are You Here?

Basically, this d&d 5e far traveler might had been set out on a journey for the sake of many reasons and also the departure from the place of his or her homeland could be a voluntary or an involuntary.

Actually, you’re far away from home and for restoration of this reason you need to roll on the below table or else chose from below options which have provided below.


The above section, discussing possible homelands and also include some suggested reasons which are highly appropriates for each location.

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Feature: Where Are You From?

Actually, determining your homeland is much more vital aspect to take a decision in creating the far traveler background. Actually, to justify the use of this specific background we’ve mentioned some of the places and those are all sufficiently distant from the north and also the sword coast.

  • Evermeet :
  1. Some of the fabled elven islands are far to the west home to the elves those who’ve never ever been to the Faerun.
  2. They frequently find it as a harsher place than they’ve been ever expected whenever they make a trip.
  3. But, if you’re an elf and evermeet is a logical (though not mandatory) choice for your chosen homeland.
  4. Of course, many of those whoever emigrate from the evermeet are either exiles and also forced out for the committing some of infraction of elven law or else the emissaries those who come to the Faerun for the specific purpose that the benefits elven culture or their society.
  • Halruaa:
  1. This place have been located on the southern edges of the shining south, and they were hemmed in by the mountains all around and also the magocracy of the Halruaa was the bizarre land to the most in the Faerun those who’re known all about it.
  2. But most of those folks have been heard of the strange skyships the Halruaans sail, and also some of the few know of the tales which even the least of their peoples can be work magic.
  3. Basically, the Halruaans do make their journeys into the Faerun for the personal reasons, since their government has been strict stance oppose to the unauthorized involvement by the other nations and also by the other organizations.
  4. Although, you might have been exiled for the breaking one of the Halruaa’s many of the byzantine laws or else you could be a pilgrim those who seeks the shrines of the gods of the magic.
  • Kara-Tur:
  1. Actually, the continent of the Kara-Tur was far to the east of the Faerûn and it is a home to the people those who’re customs are an unfamiliar for the folk of the sword coast.
  2. For an instance, if you’re come from the Kara-Tur, and also the people of the Faerûn be likely refer to you like the Shou and even if that is not your true ethnicity and because that was the blanket term which they have used for everyone those who does share your origin.
  3. The folk of the Kara-Tur has occasionally been traveled to the Faerûn like the diplomats or else to forge trade relations by the prosperous merchant cartels.
  4. You might have been come here like the part of some such as the delegation and then decided to stay whenever the mission was over.
  • Mulhorand:
  1. Normally, from the terrain up to the architecture to the god-kings those whoever ruled over these lands and nearly almost each and everything about this Mulhorand was a lien to the someone from the sword coast.
  2. Even though, you had likely to experienced the similar sort of the culture would be shock whenever you’ve left your desert home and also traveled to the unfamiliar climes of the northern Faerûn.
  3. The recent events in your homeland had been led to the abolition of slavery and also their corresponding would be increased in the traffic in between this Mulhorand and also in the distant parts of the Faerûn.
  4. Those peoples who leaves behind the Mulhorand’s sweltering the deserts and also the ancient pyramids for the glimpse near a variety type of life do so for many reasonable aspects.
  5. Of course, you might have been in the north simply for seeing the strangeness this wet land has to be offer, or else just because of that you’ve made so many enemies among the desert communities related to your home.
  • Sossal:
  1. As per this place, few have heard about your homeland, but many of those have queries about it upon seeing you.
  2. Actually, the humans from the sossal seem to be crafted from the snow, by the alabaster skin and also the white hair, of course they typically dressed up in white.
  3. This sossal place have existed far to the northeast and hard up which is against to the endless ice for the north and also for bounded on its some other sides through the hundreds of miles of the great Glacier and also the greatest ice sea.
  4. Of course! none of from your nation would make the effort for the cross such colossal barriers without any of a convincing reason.
  5. Although, you must be feared something truly terrible or else to seek something which is incredibly important.
  • Zakhara:
  1. Like the saying do goes among those who’re in the Faerûn who know of the place.
  2. Actually, ” to get to the Zakhara, go south. Then go south some more”. Even though, you’ve been followed an equally long route whenever you’ve come north from the place of you’ve get birth.
  3. Though, it was not unusual for the Zakharans for visiting the southern extremes of Faerûn especially for trading purposes, but few of them would stray like far from the home like you have.
  4. Even though, you might be traveling for discovering what the wonders were to be found outside the deserts and also the sword-like the mountains of your homeland, or probably you’re on the pilgrimage for understanding the gods which others worship and so that you might’ve been better appreciate for your own deities.
  • The Underdark:
  1. Even though, your home was physically so much closer to the sword coast than any other locations which were discussed here, moreover it is far more from the unnatural.
  2. You does hail from one of the settlements in an underdark, and also each of those have it own strange customs and also the laws.
  3. But if you’re a native of one of those greatest subterranean cities or else the settlements and you’re probably a member of the race which has occupied the place but you might also have been grown up there even after being captured and brought below when you’re the child.
  4. Suppose, if you’re the true underdark native, then you might have come to the surface like an emissary of your people or probably to escape the accusations of criminal behavior (whether it warranted or not).
  5. But, if you’re not the native and also your reason for leaving the “home” probably has something to do with getting away from the bad situation.

Feature: All Eyes On You

d&d backgrounds list this 5e far traveler has accent, mannerisms, figures of speech, and probably even your appearance all would mark you like foreign. You have the curious glances and those glances were directed you the way no matter where you go and also what could be a nuisance, but at the same time you would gain the scholar’s friendly interest and also the others intrigued by the far-off lands, but no to say anything of everyday folk those who are eager for being hearing the stories of your homeland.

Of course you could’ve been parley this specific attention into the access for people and also for places that you might not otherwise have and also for you and for your traveling companions.

The noble lords, scholars, and the merchant princes, for the sake of name a few and they might have been interested in hearing about your distant homeland and also the people.

Far Traveler 5e background


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