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Hello adventurers! Welcome to my guide and thank you so much for taking a look at the 16th episode of our background series. Today we’re going to be going over a rather unique background in terms of mechanics and feature sure but also in terms of the book it’s found. From this article we are going to be going over the faceless dnd 5e background which is found in the baldur’s gate: descent into avernus.

Which is rather interesting because the balder’s gate descent into a avernus player module has a lot of background tweaks we don’t really cover them at all in this series, because mechanically they are identical they are just provide alternative ways that this could potentially mix into the balder’s gate universe which is pretty cool but this is really the only feat they have that’s unique to them entirely.

So, this is the only one that’s going to be labeled found in baldur’s gate: descent into avernus that’s kind of the story behind it. But it is really cool. Haven’t you checked out our all official dnd backgrounds yet and if you’d like to then proceed with the link, but we recommend you to read this article first. So without further ado let’s take a quick look at its description here.


The faceless background is from the baldur’s gate. In this article we are going to explain more about this dnd background. If you would like to read it then you have to check the below lines and get total information about it.

Being who you’re, based on that you could never be like a hero. Either because of some of the following aspects such as your class, your people, your family, or even your sins and something about you which is prevent you from an effectively pursuing the path which you’ve chosen.

Even though, it does not stop you. Of course you have left your old face behind, taking on a new persona and also becoming something more.

It provides you a d10 table for what kind of a person or faceless persona you may have and there might be some rather interesting reasons for it. Possession for example could be an easy one, outside of that maybe a strong sense of justice seemingly nature versus nurture you have this strong sense of innate justice despite being brought up in a environment that wouldn’t tend towards that kind of disposition.

Faceless Persona

This faceless character actually adventures behind mask of a public persona. Obviously, this type of persona is like natural to them like their hidden and true face but it disguises their identity. We have mentioned faceless persona table below so roll on that table to determine your persona, or to work with the DM for creating a persona which is unique to your character and also suits the tone of your game.

D10Faceless Persona
1A flamboyant spy or brigand.
2The incarnation of a nation or people.
3A scoundrel with a masker guise.
4A vengeful spirit.
5The manifestation of a deity or your faith.
6One whose beauty is greatly accented using makeup.
7An impersonation of another hero.
8An embodiment of a school of magic.
9A warrior with distinctive armor.
10A disguise with animalistic or monstrous characteristics, meant to inspire fear.

It’s really interesting i really do like it almost lends itself to the false personalities of the charlatan or false identities rather but a little bit of a different twist on it, this one doesn’t seem nearly as compulsory. Now let’s take a quick look at it’s mechanics here.


Under skill proficiencies you are proficient in deception and intimidation which are certainly going to be helpful, under tool proficiencies you gain a disguise kit and one type of musical instrument. Very reminiscent of the entertainer we just covered. Under languages you can pick one of your choice outright. And under equipment disguise kit, a costume and a pouch containing 10gp

  • Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Intimidation
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit
  • Languages: One of your choice
  • Equipment: A disguise kit, a costume, a pouch containing 10gp

As i went over with the entertainer it’s always a strong choice to have a costume with a mask on it, something to protect your identity which might be particularly necessary if your background is literally called facelss. So yeah pretty necessary stuff or some form of magic and i suppose you have the disguise kit as well but why not go with something a little bit more obvious right. Now let’s take a look at its feature this one is called dual personalities.

Feature: Dual Personalities

  • Basically, in this d&d faceless many of your fellow adventurers and also the world know you like your persona. Those whoever wants to learn more about you- your weakness, your origins, your purpose-find themselves stymied by one of your disguise.
  • Normally, upon donning a disguise and even behaving like your persona you’re unidentifiable as your true self. Actually, by removing your disguise and even revealing your original face that you’re no longer identifiable as your persona.
  • This always allows you to change appearances in between two of your personalities as frequently as you wish, by using one to hide the other or even serve like convenient camouflage. Anyhow, someone should realize the basic connection between your persona and your true self, your deception might lose its effectiveness.

Now this is really interesting because a lot of it plays into the origin story of your particular character. If you are being possessed by a long dead relative or maybe even a demonic presence this feature reads a little bit differently and has some rather interesting implications.

For example if this personality is so foolproof and so believable and if it is the byproduct of a demonic presence are the personalities gonna be 100% aware of each other or just partially aware of each other. Maybe one comes out while the other one is sleeping unknowing to the primary personality.

There’s a lot of really interesting things you could do with this that although some might be sub-optimal, it would be rather interesting and provide another dimension of the character as a whole. Maybe due to childhood trauma your dual personality is the person you wish you could be without having all the pressures of society placed on you.

And your day-to-day is spent kind of suppressing that. However in moments of weakness or perhaps in rage or in high emotional tension you slip and let that secondary personality out. There really is a lot you can do with this and the sky really is the limit, i think it’s really incredible and really impressive. Now let’s move on to some suggested characteristics.

Suggested Characteristics

Actually, this faceless dnd 5e basically play their persona-the hero or an extraordinary person they’re every day. That’s all a facade, though, or else a part of them expressed for an extreme. Normally, to define a persona, then feel free to select the characteristics from the other dnd backgrounds, specifically d&d folk hero background, hermit or the noble.

Check out charlatan 5e background now

Although, for the person behind the persona and the one who genuinely strives for being faceless and even consider a distinct set of faceless characteristics. So, as a result, those who’re with this faceless background and even consider a distinct set of faceless characteristics. As a result, those are with this background have two sets of characteristics such as one for their persona, and one for their faceless selves.

Personality Traits

For the personality trait i went with ” I sleep just as much as i need to and on an unusual schedule.”

D8Faceless Personality Traits
1I'm earnest and uncommonly direct.
2I strive to have no personality-it's easier to forget what's hardly there.
3I treasure a memento of the person or instance that set me upon my path.
4I sleep just as much as I need to and on an unusual schedule.
5I think far ahead, a detachedness often mistaken for daydreaming.
6I cultivate a single obscure hobby or study and eagerly discuss it at length.
7I am ever learning how to be among others-when to stay quiet, when to laugh.
8I behave like an extreme opposite of my persona.


For ideal i went with “Confusion, deception is a weapon. Strike from where your foes won’t expect and that will take you towards the chaotic element.”

D6Faceless Ideals
1Justice: Place in society shouldn't determine one's access to what is right. (Good)
2Security: Doing what must be done can;t bring the innocent to harm. (Lawful)
3Confusion: Deception is a weapon. Strike from where your foes won't expect. (Chaotic)
4Infamy: My name will be a malediction, a curse that fulfills my will. (Evil)
5Incorruptibility: Be a symbol, and leave your flawed being behind. (Any)
6Anonymity: It's my deeds that should be remembered, not their instrument. (Any)


Under bond “I’ve seen it too many in need. I must not fail them as everyone else has.”

D6Faceless Bonds
1I do everything for my family. My first thought is keeping them safe.
2What I do, I do for the world. The people don’t realize how much they need me.
3I’ve seen too many in need. I must not fail them as everyone else has.
4I stand in opposition, less the wicked go unopposed.
5I am exceptional. I do this because no one else can, and no one can stop me.
6I do everything for those who were taken from me.


Under flaw ” I overexert myself, sometimes needing to recuperate for a day or more.”

D6Faceless Flaws
1I am callous about death. It comes to us all eventually.
2I never make eye contact or hold it unflinchingly.
3I have no sense of humor. Laughing is uncomfortable and embarrassing.
4I overexert myself, sometimes needing to recuperate for a day or more.
5I think far ahead, a detachedness often mistaken for daydreaming.
6I see morality entirely in black and white.

There’s a lot you could do with this especially if you factor in the dual personalities that would explain the unusual sleep schedule, maybe the character is genuinely not aware of it and maybe you have the party pointed out, maybe they act differently from a certain hour onward.

Very cool stuff, maybe the main character is just completely oblivious that their dual personality even exists in the first place. I think that would be very cool and you could have the DM kind of take the reins as needed from time to time guiding the party in certain directions or maybe it’s far more subtle than that, maybe while the character’s sleeping the dual personality writes in a journal and you get to read the journal when you wake up in the morning.

Something to that effect might be interesting. However no matter what you go with for your backstory, i would probably recommend putting some form of trauma in there to justify your feature and maybe the power of which it has over you. In any case let’s get on to my personal thoughts.


I like the faceless a lot, mechanically it’s not the strongest background we’ve covered. Al though it’s certainly not the weakest either. It’s dual personality features has some limitations and maybe even some drawbacks to it outright.

Seeing as how you’re more or less capped at just the one whereas the charlatan and the false identity feature presumably can let you have multiple of varying believability and you’re not kind of crazy at the same time you know.

I mean you might role-play it as if you are but mechanically you’re not really tied to that. In any case overall i think it’s quite strong and there’s a lot of opportunity for character development, a lot of opportunity for internal struggle and a huge amount of opportunity for inter-party friction. As a direct consequence of your mental or emotional handicap or even strength depending on how you look at it.

Regardless you can treat this as getting two characters for the price of one at least in terms of role play potential of course.


In any case let me know what you think of the dnd faceless background 5e down beneath in the comment section. Be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, ideas of your own as well as if you have any experience with this particular background be sure to let me know down beneath as well. In any case i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring everyone.

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