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Hello adventurers! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you for checking out the 12th episode of our background series. Let’s talk about the courtier dnd background. This is one of those backgrounds that is found in the sword coast adventurers guide.

So as with a couple of the other ones we’ve already done the SCAG has added in quite a few of them and if you’d like to catch up on all the backgrounds in dnd or even future ones please do check out the page once. Now let’s dive into the courtier’s description here.

Overview Of Courtier 5E Background

courtier background d&d


In a noble court or at a bureaucratic organization, you’re the personage of some significance..actually, it was in your starting days. You might’ve or might haven’t been come from the upper class family; But you could have reached this position because of your talents and rather than the circumstances of your birth.

You may have been one from the many functionaries, attendants, and some of the other hangers-on either in the court of the Silverymoon or probably you’ve traveled in the Waterdeep’s baroque and also sometimes cutthroat conglomeration of guilds, nobles, adventurers, and also the secret societies.

Of course, you may be one of the behind-the-scenes law-keepers or else the functionaries in the Baldur’s Gate or in the Neverwinter, or else you might have been grown up in and around the Daggerford castle.

Even though, you might not be a full fledged member for a longer time of the specific group which has given you, your start in life. And also your relationships with your former fellows could have been an advantage for you and also your adventuring comrades.

Probably, you might undertake the missions which are with your new companions those are further an interest of the organization which has given you your start in life. In any type of events, the abilities which you’ve honed during the serving like the Courtier 5E would stand you in good stead like an adventurer.

So what that’s essentially saying is you served in some sense of nobility or in a fairly cushy government role as it were, you could just come from an upper class and just get the job through lineage or it could for some other reasons either your skill or maybe through some other merit. Or blind luck, who knows it depends you might have applied for the job and just aced the interview and kind of just make everything up as you go along. Now let’s talk bout its mechanics


Under skill proficiencies you gain access to insight and Persuasion which are super useful skills so i certainly think that’s quite nice. Under languages you get two of your choice and its equipment is fairly lackluster, you gain a set of fine clothes and a pouch containing just 5 gp. Which actually make up blow the average of 10.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Persuasion
  • Tool Proficiencies: None
  • Languages: Two of your choice
  • Equipment: A set of fine clothes and a pouch containing 5 gp

It really is interesting, i don’t know why they get less gold! Its skill proficiencies are quite nice. The languages of your choice is quite nice however its equipment is kind of meh. I might include some form of a signet ring for who you represent or some other documentation surrounding that. But in terms of by raw that’s all you get. Now let’s take a look at its feature here  

Feature: Court Functionary

Based  on your knowledge of how bureaucracies function would be let you gain the access for the sake of records and laso the inner workings of any of the noble court or else the government you encounter. You actually know that who ever the movers and also the shakers are and whom to go to for the sake of favors which you seek and also what the current intrigues of an interest in the group are.

Very interesting stuff! Naturally this is one of those features that is only really useful in certain areas, in this case namely cities and more specifically capitals. This isn’t going to help you out in the wilderness at all, at least it really shouldn’t you can make an argument for maybe the smaller power structures of tribes qualifying for this.

But yeah for the most part you’re going to gain a pretty significant advantage only in major cities with complicated bureaucracies. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing likely a lot of members of your group are going to have blind spots in that area.

So you’ll certainly be in a position to guide them through the inner workings and make sure they brush elbows with the right peoples at the right times. Very interesting, now let’s take a look at their suggested characteristics. You can also check out urchin background 5e article now

Suggested Characteristics

For the suggested characteristics of d&d 5e Courtier background you can either use the guild artisan too, like the basis of your traits and also the motivations and modifying the entries when its appropriate to suit your identity.

Actually, the noble court or the bureaucratic organization wherever you got your start has directly or indirectly been associated with the bond of your’s (which could pertain to the certain individuals in a group, like your sponsor or mentor). The ideal might’ve been concerned with the prevailing philosophy of your court or else the organization.

Personality Traits

For personality traits, i went with i always want to know how things work and what makes people tick. And under the personality trait i think this works really well with their feature and with the proficiency and insight as well.

D8Personality Traits
1I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. I can't help it – I'm a perfectionist.
2I'm a snob who looks down on those who can't appreciate fine art.
3I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick.
4I'm full of witty aphorisms and have a proverb for every occasion.
5I'm rude to people who lack my commitment to hard work and fair play.
6I like to talk at length about my profession.
7I don't part with my money easily and will haggle tirelessly to get the best deal possible.
8I'm well known for my work, and I want to make sure everyone appreciates it. I'm always taken aback when people haven't heard of me.

Very good stuff and lends itself to potentially some interesting role play opportunities maybe asking too many questions to the wrong person or maybe even making too many assumptions about people. But it’s quite cool nonetheless and should be quite fun to play.


Under Ideals, i went with freedom. Everyone should be free to pursue his or her own livelihood and that will take you towards the chaotic direction.

1Community. It is the duty of all civilized people to strengthen the bonds of community and the security of civilization. (Lawful)
2Generosity. My talents were given to me so that I could use them to benefit the world. (Good)
3Freedom. Everyone should be free to pursue his or her own livelihood. (Chaotic)
4Greed. I'm only in it for the money. (Evil)
5People. I'm committed to the people I care about, not to ideals. (Neutral)
6Aspiration. I work hard to be the best there is at my craft.


Under Bond i pursue wealth to secure someone’s love.

1The workshop where I learned my trade is the most important place in the world to me.
2I created a great work for someone, and then found them unworthy to receive it. I'm still looking for someone worthy.
3I owe my guild a great debt for forging me into the person I am today.
4I pursue wealth to secure someone's love.
5One day I will return to my guild and prove that I am the greatest artisan of them all.
6I will get revenge on the evil forces that destroyed my place of business and ruined my livelihood.


Under flaw i’ll do anything to get my hands on something rare or priceless. Now this is a good example of a flaw and a bond being connected in a way by which makes them not so direct and clear-cut. Stealing is wrong about wanting to pursue the interest of someone you love is inherently and quite arguably a good thing.

1I'll do anything to get my hands on something rare or priceless.
2I'm quick to assume that someone is trying to cheat me.
3No one must ever learn that I once stole money from guild coffers.
4I'm never satisfied with what I have – I always want more.
5I would kill to acquire a noble title.
6I'm horribly jealous of anyone who can outshine my handiwork. Everywhere I go, I'm surrounded by rivals.

Naturally the DM can feel free to spin this whenever twisted into diabolical ways that they are likely to. But from the player’s eyes theft might very well be justified despite having a good alignment. Now let’s move on to my personal thoughts on the courtier.

Personal Thoughts

Overall i think it’s a really strong choice although its usefulness in particularly its feature is based on a campaign by campaign or even a quest by quest basis. However i think it’s a little bit unreasonable to find features that are always good one hundred percent of the time and seeing is how this is really concentrated and super beneficial in those circumstances, i’m likely to not want to tweak this one all that much.

However it’s going to be worth discussing with your DM because if you’re going to be running a purely wilderness based campaign on the new frontier or something of that nature. It might be a little bit difficult to get any real mileage out of this. So just do bear that in mind and do not shy away from those conversations.

I’m playing a courtier 5e background and my campaign is in and out of various capitols and dealing with a fair amount of court intrigue to keep me being satisfied. The only thing I could add is that it’s crucial to use the feature which allows you access to people in different courts and governments to get info. What your GM gives you will of course depend but surely make a point to use that as part of your gameOne of our followers


Now let me know what you think about courtier down beneath in the comment section. Be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns you have regarding it. With all that being said, i hope you all have a wonderful day and as always happy adventuring everyone.

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