DnD 5E Boros Legionnaire Background

Hello adventurers! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you for checking out our background series. From this blog post we are going to discuss about the boros legionnaire background 5e which is found in the guild masters’ guide to ravnica(ggr). Commonly the GGR backgrounds were met with a decent amount of controversy just because they do extend the spell list. I don’t think it’s too big of a deal personally.

However some dm’s i’ve spoken with had got a little bit upset about it but i don’t know it’s upto the DM i guess. But for the most part i don’t see too too much of an issue with them. Before we start this current topic we would like to share with you our official page where all the dnd backgrounds explained anyway if you would like to you can go now or you can go there after quickly move on to the description below.


Being a member of the Boros Legion, and your life has been devoted for the services of angels and even consecrated for the work of establishing justice and peace on the streets of Ravnica too.

Probably, you might have been a true believer and inspired by an example of some angels, those are moved by the plight of the downtrodden, and of course it has been devoted for the cause of justice. Or else you can be a cynic in some of the ranks, probably because of you reluctantly followed in footsteps of a Boros parent, succumbed either to a persuasion of a charismatic recruiter’s lofty promises, or were drawn in by the prospect of a life of an action.

Basically, you’re kind of a do goody for the most part typically charismatic basically the more stereotypical version of a paladin or maybe even a cleric. Very good stuff overall though. Taking a look at the extended spell list now.

Feature: Boros Guild Spells

You get firebolt and sacred flame as a cantrip. Guiding bolt and heroism as a first level spells, Aid and Scorched ray as second, Beacon of hope and binding smite as a third and fourth is a death ward and wall of fire and at fifth you get flame strike.

Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic class feature

For your sake, the spells on the Boros Guild Spells table are included for the spell list of your spellcasting class (any way, if you are a multiclass character with the multiple spell lists and these spells are added to all of them.)

Spell LevelSpells
CantripFirebolt, Sacred Flame
1stGuiding Bolt, Heroism
2ndAid, Scorching Ray
3rdBeacon of Hope, Blinding Smite
4thDeath Ward, Wall of Fire
5thFlame Strike

Al though, your magic often features the dramatic bursts of flame or the radiance. Whenever you cast some of the beneficial spells upon your allies, they shall appear momentarily surrounded with the halos of bright fire.

There’s a lot of good ones here, notably guiding bolt is particularly strong, taken off of the cleric spell list it is just a great overall spell. There’s a couple ways to get it in a couple other classes as well. The celestial patron for the warlock for example so giving it away with this particular background i don’t see too too big of a deal but, i don’t know it’s probably one of the better ones on this list overall. Now let’s move on here to its mechanics.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set
  • Language Proficiencies: Choose one of Celestial, Draconic, Goblin, or Minotaur
  • Equipment: A Boros insignia, a feather from an angel’s wing, a tattered piece of a Boros banner (a souvenir from a famous battle), a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 2gp (Boros-minted 1-zino coins)

Under skill proficiency you gain access to athletics and intimidation which is certainly very useful. On the athletics just in a general sense and the intimidation very useful if you’re trying to shall we say discourage certain individuals from doing bad acts. Very good stuff overall!

Now under tool proficiencies you get one type of gaming set whatever tickles your fancy really if you’re from nobility then maybe dragon chess might suit you, but if you’re really not maybe dice or a set of cards would work fine but up to you as the player of course.

Under languages choose one of celestial, draconic, goblin or minotaur. This is fairly common in a lot of the ravnican backgrounds they’ll provide more or less the same. Celestial is relatively unique to the boros legionnaire however and i feel like most people tend towards that direction.

Having an exotic language is kind of hit or miss in the grand scheme of things, personally i much prefer goblin i find it to be much more useful especially at early levels. However for higher levels of play it wouldn’t be surprising if draconic and celestial took a forefront. But it depends on your game world and as a result. It’s probably worth bringing up in your session zero.

Now let’s move on to its equipment, you gain access to a boros insignia which identifies you as a member of the guild, you get a feather from an angel’s wing, a tattered piece of a boros banner, probably found in a famous battle or some sense of initiation, A set of common clothes and a pouch containing a humble 2gp sad! that’s one of the lower ones that we have covered i think it might actually be the lowest, i think even the urchin gets 10 gp.

So, i don’t know what to tell you, a lot of this is just likely due to the fact that you’re just a working man. However there is something involving their feature that compensates for this, in my opinion more than enough. So let’s check out it’s feature. This feature is called legion station.

Feature: Legion Station

As per this feature you do have an established place in a hierarchy of the Boros Legion. Of course you can be a requisition simple equipment for the temporary use, and of course you could gain an access for any Boros garrison in Ravnica, wherever you do can rest in the safety and also receive an attention of medics. Even though, you’re also paid a salary of 1 gp (a Boros-minted 1 zino coin) per week, which (combined with some free lodging in your garrison) enables you for maintaining a poor lifestyle in between the adventures.

Very good stuff! Needless to say, if you’ve checked out the previous article (mostly azorious functionary) a lot of the pitfalls apply here as well. A lot of the ravnican backgrounds are focused in the city of ravnica. And because of that it gets called into question from time to time, how useful they are out of that particular area.

A good way to tweak this and homebrew is so that it’s not really detrimental is to just make it where boros legionnaires are just universally recognized as being general do-gooders and any salary paid to them within that one gold piece per week can just be billed back to the boros headquarters and they will be reimbursed and maybe even provide some other sense of compensation.

But that would of course happen behind the scenes so for the party they wouldn’t really need to worry and in order to collect this one gp for a week. All they would do is just need to drop into any police station, or jailer or however your world is set up and just collect their fee. There with some letter of authenticity that says the first.

Whatever day of this week and then they’ll provide a stamp. Some way of verification would probably work out best but that depends on how your world is working and don’t feel afraid to incorporate magic in there in some sense or another.

Very good stuff overall! i think this feature is pretty strong. It’s very real world-esque and i find a lot of dungeon masters are striving for that these days, which is certainly not a bad thing by any means and this would go a long way in terms of maintaining your lifestyle or even getting equipment depending on where you start out and what your DM lets you have. Very cool stuff! Now let’s move on to some suggested characteristics here.

Suggested Characteristics

Here the Boros Legion is a zealous army and full of righteous energy tempered with the military discipline. Its the members of share that it is leadership’s devotion to the ideals of justice, or else they are find satisfaction in a more warfare-oriented aspects of the legion’s work.

Personality Trait

Under personality trait i went with, I treat my weapons, uniform and insignia with reverence for they are gifts of the angels.

d8Personality Trait
1I approach every task with the same high degree of military precision.
2I am always the first into the fray.
3I bear any injury or indignity with stoic discipline.
4My righteous wrath is easily inflamed by the slightest iniquity.
5My honor is more important to me than my life.
6Dangerous work is best accomplished by an orderly group working with common purpose.
7I treat my weapon, uniform, and insignia with reverence, for they are gifts of the angels.
8I pace when standing and fidget incessantly when forced to sit.


Under ideal, I put conviction, anything worth doing is worth doing with your whole heart. And that will tip you towards a lawful direction.

1Guild: My guild is all that really matters. (Any)
2Justice: Achieving justice requires establishing fair, equitable, and compassionate relationships within a community. (Good)
3Protection: It isn't right for innocents to suffer because of the arrogance of the powerful. (Good)
4Solidarity: It is most crucial to act with a single will, marching side by side in perfect accord. (Lawful)
5Order: Society functions only if people do their duty and respect the chain of command. (Lawful)
6Conviction: Anything worth doing is worth doing with your whole heart. (Lawful)


Under bond, my fellow legionnaires are my family.

1I would lay down my life for Aurelia and the angels.
2I owe my life to the Boros captain who took me in when I was living on the streets.
3My fellow legionnaires are my family.
4I wield the same Boros weapon my grandparent did, for the honor of our family.
5I ran with the Rakdos in my youth, and I'm striving to atone for my past misdeeds.
6I do what I can to help out the spouse of a comrade who died in battle.


Under flaw, i see everything in clear-cut black and white.

1I act bravely when I'm in a group, but I'm a coward when I'm alone.
2I see everything in clear-cut black and white.
3I'm just a little fascinated by the ways of the Gruul.
4I trust the chain of command more than anything - more even than my closest friends.
5I'm slow to trust members of other guilds.
6I've been known to turn a blind eye to injustice, with the help of a modest bribe.

I feel like this would go well with the stereotypical paladin and it provides a lot of wiggle room. For example if you stumble upon a plot where the boros legionnaires are actually in line with a demon and the order that you’ve been given and the tasks you’ve been sent with have actually been serving to loosen the angel stronghold in your world and let more demons in.

That would call the question, both the bond and the flaw. And maybe even the ideal as well depending on the context of the adventurers and quests you were given. It is very good stuff and i think it would go well with most parties. You could make an argument that the flaw would lead to some interesting altercations between this particular character.

And the more shall we say morally ambiguous members of the party. But i think that’s what the flaws are there for in general it is to create some sense of friction which will provide a sense of realism to the inter-party mechanics. Very good stuff! Now let’s move on to my personal thoughts here.


Overall the boris legionaire is quite good, i don’t see anything particularly bad about it by any means. I like the fact that the skill proficiencies are quite relevant, its extended spell list isn’t too bad, i do think guiding bolt is the one that really shines there. But seeing as how there’s multiple different ways to get it. I mean it’s not particularly game breaking, it’s feature if tweaked is quite good as well.

Taking a look at their suggested characteristics they seem to be just as strong as any and seeing his how the angels and kind of more good aligned deities are likely going to be part of your origin story certainly at least tied in with the feather you have. It gives DM a great opportunity to incorporate gods and overarching themes and deities at a relatively early state of play.

Of course you’re not going to be slaying any of them at that point but it is good to know that they are out there. It’ll provide some insight as to how they have helped shape the world just through exposition. Overall quite good.


Here the ordered structure of a Boros Legion offers an abundant opportunities for making friends – and rivals – in the higher places. You might have been into close with your friends in the other guilds which share the Boros emphasis on order and community, or else bitter enemies among to the guilds which represent chaos and destruction.

You can roll twice on the Boros Contacts table (for an ally and a rival) and once on the Non-Boros Contacts table.

Boros Contacts
1A former comrade in arms was promoted into the prestigious Sunhome Guard.
2One of my parents is a ranking Boros officer.
3A close friend serves abroad the Parhelion II, a flying fortress.
4I had a tangled affair with a Boros garrison captain.
5I have maintained a relationship with one of my instructors at Horizon Military Academy.
6I competed with a fellow student for the attention of a mentor at Horizon Military Academy.
7The person who recruited me into the legion changed the course of my life.
8A Boros angel knows my name.
Non-Boros Contacts
1One of my siblings is an Azorius arrester.
2Roll an additional Boros contract; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
3I showed mercy to an injured, now-grateful Dimir spy.
4I suspect someone I know is a Golgari assassin, but I can't prove it.
5An adolescent relative ran off to join the Gruul in an act of rebellion and has not yet returned.
6I once befriended an Izzet scientist, and we're still cordial though the relationship ended messily.
7I owe a monetary debt to an Orzhov syndic.
8A Rakdos blood witch seems to enjoy harassing me.
9I tried to recruit a friend who ended up joining the Selesnya.
10I keep running into a particular Simic biomancer, and I enjoy the arguments that inevitably result.

That being said however, let me know what you think of the Boros Legionnaire down beneath. Be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments, concerns or ideas you have regarding them. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring everyone.

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